Friday, January 30, 2009

Molly Parkin - come to her 77th birthday party

Madame Arcati's great friend Molly Parkin celebrates her 77th birthday on Tuesday, February 3, starting 7pm, at the Green Carnation club, 5 Greek St, London. Daughter Sophie says there's Dorian Crook on laughs, Molly Parkin on life, Dean Wilson on poems, Sophie herself on love, Leonardo di Lorenzo on guitar, Grace Andreacchi on words.

Yes, I'll be there. Click here for more about the Green Carnation. I can't decide whether to get her Chanel No 5 or a pair of diamond earstuds.

For more on Molly, click here and follow labels below. To view her art click here.


The Still Simmering Stella Polari said...

A typical aquarian, don`t you agree !

P.S. Sooter is viewing the first flurries of snow with the look of sheer horror on her little face, poor poppet.

Madame Arcati said...

How's sooter today? I bet she's fascinated by the view outside.

Fish Inton said...

You know, had I not blown all my wages on a trip to LDN this past weekend (just to buy a pair of trousers, tut-tut) I'd skulk around the GC, Arcati. Then drag you off to Haslam's flat =P Knock down ginger, anyone?