Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taki's Magazine: Despair at Amsterdam's pink ice rinks

The rightwing, 70-something Greek rich boy Taki Theodoracopoulos, whose prejudices are freely displayed in The Spectator each week, has his own online publication, Taki's Magazine. A book advert on the site for Patrick Buchanan's Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War is a clue to the ambient political hue.

Just before Christmas, Flemish journalist Paul Belien wrote a wonderfully unreconstructed piece for Taki on Amsterdam and the "homosexual parody of Christmas" that had descended on the city. The evangelist cock-cunter despaired that the Pink Christmas Festival - with its pink ice rinks and "gay X-mas open-air market” - would become an annual event, a vile slur on the cockless/cunt story of Jeezus.

He feared Amsterdam was turning into the "world’s showpiece of depravity" before blaming Muslim youths (and not Christian) for increasing attacks on gays - if true, we can only hope they're not heartened by Taki's Magazine.

Belien raged at "secularist fundamentalists" who have turned Christmas into "a mockery with two Josephs (or two Marys) amidst pink Christmas trees ... It is time for all men of goodwill to raise their banners and fight: for the family and the right of child (sic) to live and to be raised—like Jesus—by a father and a mother, instead of two fathers or two mothers; for green Christmas trees; for words and concepts like Christmas, bishop, chapel, abbey, monarch and empire; in short, for God, sanity and tradition. "

As I recall, Jesus had two fathers: one in the sky, the other adoptive; Jesus was a feared symbol against empire and priests, and he expressed little interest in royalty. And the call to "fight" sounds suspiciously un-Christian to me. I think Mr Belien and his editor need to have a rethink. Click here to read Belien's piece.


Perry Neeham said...

Apart from a penchant for coke, Taki has no redeeming features.

BTW, he must be bloody old: I used to read his column in the Speccy until I grew up and realised that he was just a snob.

Elvira said...

Well yes, he is talking like a true bully, in circles to get someone else to do the dirty work for him: “Oh, this behavior is hideous and intolerable!, but it is not me who is punishing these heretics, it is the more hideous muslin barbarians and you righteous ones should all join in!!”

But then again, it seems like you are talking in circles too, darling. What are you fishing for? You know nobody is going to touch this one with a ten feet pole; not with you.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Elvira. Madame Arcati is part diary of this and that, part spider's web. And then some.

Anonymous said...

I've only met Taki once and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I had been invited to the launch of his book, "High Life, Low Life", by the publisher Jay Landesman (father of Cosmo), an old friend of mine. Taki marched up to me when I was perusing a copy and snatched it out of my hand and demanded to know who invited me. I think he recognised a Low Life when he saw one-which I was happy to be if he was the other !