Friday, January 23, 2009

New Statesman bloggers: A bunch of idlers, mainly

Jason Cowley's blighted (no, boring) editorship of the New Statesman is not helped by a herd of mainly lazy bloggers who seem to update only when the mood takes them. Here's the list with latest updates at time of writing:

Arts Blog - December 15, 2008
Ben's Blog (whoever he is) - December 9, 2008
Best of the Political Blogs - January 16, 2009
Bright's Blog - January 22, 2009 (Well done! Trouble is, he has just resigned)
Caroline Lucas (whoever she is) - December 9, 2008
Crip's Column - January 8, 2009
Culture Tech - January 20, 2009
Obsessive Compulsive (AL Kennedy) - January 5, 2009
Richard Herring - January 15, 2009
Science Decoded - October 30, 2008
The Beauty List - January 6, 2009
The Faith Column - November 26, 2008 ("Every week a different believer gives the inside track on their religion or philosophy" - Heart not in it, dearies? Off to your Humanist altars with you)


Anonymous said...

And why have they sacked Ian Irvine, one of the best literary editors around?

Madame Arcati said...
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Madame Arcati said...

I'm having negative thought associations about Irvine, I'll have to have a regression seance to find out why. My impression of the magazine is that it is monumentally pompous and ghastly as well as elitest. That management of a socialist rag do not recognise the NUJ is high farce. And Cowley is so far up his pomposity as to be a creature of satire.

Last time I attended a Staggers party it was claiming to sell 30,000 copies a week. Now I believe the figure is 20,000. Much smaller than my audience.

Ms Baroque said...

Hmm, but why have you given us no links?? Leave us to do all the work ourselves, harrumph.

Still: excellent & very interesting research and torch-flashing, dear Mme!

Madame Arcati said...

Ms B, I'm disinclined to do the New Statesman any favours and of course its site is easily found via Google. I have noticed that mainstream media try not to promote blogs when they're not lifting material from them uncredited.

dynamite said...

I do the Best of the Politics Blog every week and it generally appears that Friday or the next Monday - I

dynamite said...

Sorry, that probably didn't constitute any kind of point by itself. Just to say, some are clearly weekly blogs and some (like Bright's blog, as was) can be updated as and when).

Paul Evans

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Paul. However, I think you'd agree that a number of your blogger colleagues are approaching their task with a seasonal sense of time ... looks bad. Tell Cowley, when you can find him.