Saturday, January 03, 2009

Doctor Who: Tall, white man gets the part. Again

But I'm sure Matt Smith has the right hair for it.

And Scorpios are good at keeping secrets.

He adores Radiohead, piano music and the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy.

Here's a part of her poem Valentine

I give you an onion.
Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,
possessive and faithful
as we are,
for as long as we are.

Take it.
Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,
if you like.
Its scent will cling to your fingers,
cling to your knife.
Click here for the poem.


Pigtown-Design said...

no... skewing too much to the young demographic. i still think christopher eccleston was the best in recent memory.

Clair said...

I fancied that Paterson Joseph. Mainly 'cos I fancy that Paterson Joseph. Does the good Doc always have to look like a Nineties misery-pop throwback?

Madame Arcati said...

Sandi Toksvig should have been the next Doctor. The very idea that Catherine Zeta-Jones was even in contention makes me laugh.

Davros said...

Jon Pertwee was the best Dr Who ever. Everything went downhill with Christopher Ecclescake.

The twinkling Stella Polari said...

aren`t we missing the obvious?

I propose Madame Arcati as the next Dr Who.

Sandi would indeed make a good choice and it will be interesting to see how the camp/polysexual Capt Jack responds to The Doctor`s metamorphosis.Will they have the same sexual chemistry?

No, I still prefer MA as the new Doctor, with The Sooter as `her` travelling companion.

Elvira said...

Catherine Zeta-Jones!? What on earth?? You are making that up! Who was smoking what when that idea was thrown in?

You are disappointed about the Doctor being tall, male and white? Why is the Doctor getting younger with every new incarnation? Are characters in their late 30’s-40’s-50’s no longer witty and interesting to watch? What are the producers working towards? I think brining in someone as young as Matt Smith to play the part of the Dr. is taking the series a bit in the direction of Hollyoaks. All characters being young is unfair to the viewers that have been following since the beginning and the plots will eventually prove unappealing to grownups.

Your idea of Sandi Toksvig for the Dr. would have been much better. I hope that at least they leave Catherine Tate as the assistant; it will be cute to see her antagonizing him and questioning his abilities.

Madame Arcati said...

Matt Smith looks a little eccentric, a posh boy slightly gone wrong. Still, at least he's hetero. We wouldn't want a queer Doctor, would we? Six weeks of sex in Brazil, yum yum.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

Thank you for the interview invitation Madame, I will speak to Randy about your proposal...
steph x