Monday, January 12, 2009

Empathy Chic at the Golden Globes

That's what they're calling it: Empathy Chic. That's when a star worth, say $100m, attends a glittery film awards wearing little or no jewellery and eschews the priceless goodybags for fear of failing to demonstrate regard for victims of the economic downturn: a show of solidarity with the paupies. Well, it's the thought that counts.

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Elvira said...

I would call it cowardly and hypocritical. You accept a £15-25,000 gown (plus shoes) from a Designer and agree to wear jewelry worth many more thousands, but neglect to pickup your goodies bag from other companies promoting the event? What kind of thought is that, darling? Pickup the damn bag and give out the contents to people that need it, and show some nuts! Those people are so insecure and live is such an unreal world; they’re just full of it.

When I first opened your page and saw that at the top, I thought: “how cute, yes! empathy for the ones is distress (bullied and stuff)”, but if that is what it is for, I’m not playing!