Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Psychic Princess: From horses to angels

My congratulations to Norway's Princess Märtha Louise and her bearded husband writer Ari Behn on the christening of their third child, Emma Tallulah. The Princess is the co-founder of Astarte Education which tutors students in using "angels and [their] own power to create miracles in [their] life." She is a psychic of sorts ...

"I learned to organise my sensory impressions in order to read others. It was through horses that I learned to communicate with animals at a deeper level, and it was while I worked with horses that I came in contact with the angels. I have since come to understand the value of this great gift and am eager to share it with others – perhaps with you?"

I'm not sure what to make of angels but I retain an open mind - the thought of being read by a princess strikes me as exciting. Perhaps the new editor of the Evening Standard should retain her services as a spiritual guru to all its Humanist, young, downwardly mobile readers responsible for the economic downturn as fallen alpha types. I'm quite certain the new editor will be as much a raging snob as I, angels-wise or not.

For more on the angelic princess click here.


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said... dear Madame,
Here's a topic that is very dear to my heart..I have experienced angels. they have annointed me with wisdom and hope, throughout my life..the greatest gift I received from two unknown strangers, occurred on my cruise a few years ago, it was real and palpable..I have already discussed it in one of my interviews, but I failed to mention that they both, in human form, not only informed me that I had an aura that would take me through my "challenges", but also told me how my father was an integral part of my life...they both disappeared with a statement about my father, and it came to pass as they had described it...unity and love, but trying times, they knew about my special relationship with my intricate and amazingly true...every detail..

I have seen the apparition of both my Grandmother and Father right before an almost fatal accident amost took my life, not once but was uncanny..
I have felt their presence more than once. I had a chandelier fall twice, and both times I was under it right before it fell...I was told in my head to leave and back away two seconds before it happened, and the glass shattered all over and shards of slid over me as if I was untouchable and for a short time I felt them pass through me..I have one small scar on my arm to prove it..if anyone has experienced this phenomenon, they will agree that it is magical, and will never forget the feeling of calmness that comes over you..Angels do exist..

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Steph. I've not seen anything myself that could be described as angelic. However a few years ago an acquaintance told me how two women approached her on a cruiseliner and told her that they would help her through a coming crisis. Shortly afterwards she had a stroke and recovered.

The curiosity of this encounter is that she did not see the women again; and why would they say that? I have no answers.

This is why mystical experiences are essentially subjective but nonetheless real to the individual and should not be readily dismissed by atheists whose own approximation of life is also completely subjective.