Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Dame Edna Treatment: RIP

Once the funniest act on the planet, now the Vesuvius of comedy, with tourists gawping at a dead-looking heap as they channel hop, Dame Edna Everage is a sad Saturday spectacle. Regrettably, the tabloids haven't cottoned-on yet because TV journalists rarely watch telly beyond the video previews, they just drink and plan their get-outs and scroll Nexis for a quote. The cutting edge passed with mute Madge, the all-purpose possums are legs up. The gay glads - nah, they wilted long ago. Norm - we... - no, I can't go on, I loved Edna too much. Her daughter Valmai is no substitute. The celebrity guests, like the tabloid hacks, are in a cultural lag, still thinking of the glory days when just sitting there as Edna's stooge could revive a career or launder out the stain of self-importance. Now, to be at Edna's spa, is a sure sign that agents must be sacked and careers re-appraised. If Madonna ever appears on the show be certain she's finally lost it.


Anonymous said...

This is gender anarchy meets senile dementia and is made for America. Schlock into surrealism. But yes I do prefer those barely concealed hard-ons of the lads in the Tigers on that desert island.

Ms Baroque said...

Sad news indeed, Mme A, if true. I did see a trailer for this last night and my only thought was a fond "awwww!!"

However, I am not a fan of the chat show format, generally. The genre reached its apogee one day in about 1978 or 9 when Dinah Shore hosted, on her after-school-time programme, the following line-up: Frank Zappa (before he cut his hair), Peaches & Herb ("Reunited and it feels so good"), & an elderly Australian couple called Mr & Mrs Gibb... Whole swathes of this wonderful half-hour were transferred entire onto my young brain, there to persist forever.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Dame Edna