Saturday, March 03, 2007

The married Murdoch editor and the married Freud PR

I understand that one of Rupert Murdoch’s Europe-based married newspaper editors is having an affair with a married female at Freud Communications. The relationship started in September and the two, I learn, are now living together, having left their respective families (five children in toto are involved).

My advice to both is that they go public as soon as possible for all sorts of reasons – not least to avoid any mischievous suspicion of professional misconduct – though none is alleged or suggested. The intimate inter-linkage between those who pay their bills raises possible conflict of interest issues – though not necessarily in substance.

Freud Communications – one of the world’s most powerful public relations firms – boasts innumerable major clients, including London mayor, Ken Livingstone, and London 2012. Murdoch himself is already personally linked to Freud boss Matthew Freud as his father-in-law. I wonder whether Murdoch knows of this other new connection? Like Caesar’s wife, an editor must be above suspicion as we all know – and one way to ensure this is to keep everything above board, given the imagined perils of pillow talk.

Other information is in my possession – I have, for instance, evidence that the couple stayed at an expensive hotel only recently. And why not? What fun it must be to fuck in transient luxury!