Saturday, March 24, 2007

Victor Zammit: Advice on mediums

Dear Madame Arcati

“But I was taken for a mug, by a fraudulent medium and her 3,000-year-old "spirit guide", and left £45 the poorer.”

So the report says. Psychic quacks, fraudulent mediums you find in every country. Con-men and women suck dry the energies and cash of those silly and stupid enough to give money to anyone pretending to be a medium.

I warn my followers regularly NOT to visit a medium UNLESS that medium has accreditation or have at least three objective referees that the medium is accurate. Quacks you find everywhere even in the medical profession, psychiatry profession and every profession.

One has to be highly discriminating.

Go to the police if you’ve been conned. But don’t say it’s a conspiracy by a ‘Spiritualist’ to rob you of your money – whoever it was.

Be careful, be discriminating, be sharp, highly selective and be intelligent when you part with your money – whether you go to a doctor, medium, headshrinker, priest, parson, rabbi or anybody else. The world is full of charlatans – and only if you are naïve you will lose your hard earned cash.

Victor Zammit


Nadja said...

Your link doesn't work (there's an error in it).

I had a look at Mr. Zammit's (Dammit's?) site. The man himself is highly suspicious of charlatanism... and of course he has a book to sell: a woolly pseudo-scientific theory about life after death (yet another one!).

Very funny! :-)

Duralex said...

For those who can read french :

Sorry for those who can't, I'm too lazy to translate the article into english.
In short : the famous magician Houdini is about to be exhumed because his grandchildren want to know whether he's been poisoned or not.

Arcati said...

My apologies for the faulty link to Zammit's website, this will have to await correction on Monday - my present home machine is sulking because its super-dooper replacement awaits unpacking and instalation.

As to Duralex's article, apparently Houdini's family think he died of poisoning rather than an exploded spleen. The things people will do for publicity.

Mr Zammit is a quite an emphatic individual. He has a monthly column in Psychic World - in the Feb 2007 edition, for instance, he rails against the "materialist neurotics", reviling their (our?)selfish, pointless lives. "You do not have all the answers to the world," he writes, addressing these wretches - "your own pathetic miserable conditions of life reveal that." Then he goes and blows it with this: "Save yourself from despair: make an unselfish contribution - and I urge you to read What Happens When You Die, Chapter 29, in A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife."

He forgets to mention that he's the unselfish author of this tome.

Anonymous said...

< The things people will do for publicity. >

Indeed. But Mr. Houdini doesn't care: in spite of what the Spiritualists might says, he's as dead as can be, unlike the people Arcati and her "friends" are trying to use every day for their own interest or vanity...

*JewishPrincess* said...

this is a funny conversation really......first of all i agree with duralex that the photo is a fraud, not only because the top and bottom half of the body dont match, but look at the penis. Radcliffe is Jewish. He would be circumcised. The penis in this pic is definitely not circumcised. also its obvious that the legs dont match the body because look at the posteriour pic of him. in THAT picture his legs are much slimmer. Sorry to butt in