Friday, March 30, 2007

Prince William: How Charles and Diana made him

Artist Mark McGowan is to re-enact the moment Prince William, the future King of England, was conceived by his parents Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

The event/performance is to take place at the Guy Hilton Gallery in East London at 5pm on Saturday 28th April 2007. The entire walls of the venue are to be painted with murals of Buckingham Palace, royal insignia, the Union Jack and the National Anthem will be played.

The matrimonial bed will be re-constructed and placed in the centre of the gallery with visitors and guests surrounding it. During the one hour ticketed event/performance two actors, one with a Prince Charles mask on, the other with a Lady Diana mask, will re-enact the conception and is to include what might have been said and how the conception would have taken place, the performance will also be x-rated as it will have adult material.

McGowan says: "This is an historical piece, it is a moment in our history few people ever thought they would or could see. It is at times like this that art shows its true power by making things appear real, it would have been easy to paint a picture or create a sculpture of the conception, but I hope by using actors it will bring a sense of authenticity to the piece. I believe this is probably one of my most important works, the gallery only holds a certain amount of people, we will however be making a DVD of the performance so a wider audience can enjoy this fantastic art event."

For more info/tickets click on

The Guy Hilton Gallery 07958595033

Mark McGowan 07944533010


Duralex said...

Now that show will probably be the supreme achievement in conceptual art – I'm surprised you missed this one, Madame ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Surprised that he didn't choose to enact Harry's conception - or couldn't he decide who the male role should be?

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone take notice of this twat Mcgowan. The guy who pushes baked beans with his nose (Art!) and scratches cars with keys (yes, Art again!)