Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Heather Mills: Victoria Newton wrong (again)

Once again, The Sun's Victoria Newton displays her total inability to read the runes, surf the zeitgeist etc by tragically attempting to play to the lynch mob gallery and tricoteuses and getting it totally wrong.

So on March 21 the jet-dyed dolt wrote this of Heather Mills on Dancing With The Stars:

American viewers have told HEATHER MILLS to Foxtrot Oscar after her first appearance on a celebrity ballroom TV show.

Heather agreed to appear on Dancing With The Stars in a bid to win over the US public after becoming one of Britain's most hated women following her split from SIR PAUL McCARTNEY.

But the plan has backfired already.

Oh really. Now, contrast with the reality - a report from PA, March 27:

Heather Mills won rave reviews from the judges on US TV show Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday after stunning them with a backwards walk over as part of a hip-wiggling mambo.

Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife, wearing a green sequinned catsuit, left the panel temporarily speechless by successfully completing the tricky move despite having only one leg.

They awarded her an impressive 24 out of 30. Combined with her score from last week, that means she is now in fifth place, ahead of the first elimination.


Dahlia said...

Up with Heather Mills - she's been campaigning to help pigs, who frequently live in vile conditions in this country.
I noticed that my rather large local London branch of Tescos has failed to stock both free-range and organic bacon for the past several weeks. This means that bacon butties from there probably consist of poor animals that have been left to give birth and suckle their young in ghastly cramped narrow pens (sort of concrete bunkers) where they haven't even got room to turn round. YUK - please protest, Duralex and all of you, I'm sure you could say it LOUDLY...

Arcati said...

Duralex certainly has the advantage of noise.

Duralex said...

I'd rather be called noisy than nosy... :-)

As for defending the rights of pigs, you can count on me : I'm vegetarian.