Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Molly Parkin: Doc about her paedophile father

Portrait by Tommy Candler [click here for more info on Tommy's work]

If you worship at the feet of the great style icon Molly Parkin - she has insisted I remove the pic I put up the other day ("It was taken by some cunt obviously, 'off the telly', and sent into BBC WALES") - then catch her at Inn On The Green, London, on March 14.

She is presenting a documentary called Moll - "It was made by the first of 9 fiances, this one from when we were art students together in Brighton 50 years ago," she tells me. The film was a big hit at last year's Portobello Film Festival.

She presents this documentary on her life and early abuse at the hands of her father that she hopes will help others who have been in the same position. She says:

"The paedophile stuff about my father, which we cover in the film, is the very first time I have spoken of it in public, though the secret has dominated my entire life. I could only have been so honest, painful though it still was, because Malcolm Hart knew my family, and my father. Now I've moved on and let it all go and feel utterly released and able to hurl myself into love and life and letting go. That's how important the film has been for me."


myrna said...

Is child sexual abuse the latest fashion in Arcatiland? Just asking... Apart from that, I sympathize (of course, of course, who woudn't).

Anonymous said...

Not only in Arcatiland. Did you notice that since paedophilia has turned out to be a media subject, the number of semi-celebs who reveal child abuse past tends to increase exponentially? Yes, I know, I'm terribly mean-spirited. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good for her!

Dinu said...

[Is child sexual abuse the latest fashion in Arcatiland?]

I won't complain about it. I'd like to believe her 'gay-bashing period' is over... :-)