Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jeffree Star: Queen of the Beautifuls

Jeffree Star - Madame Arcati loves you already. "Half super bitch and half mega cunt. He is a self admitted boyfriend thief and makeup addict, he is a photo junkie and designer clothes slut, he is brazenly sexual and openly subversive; he has become a role model for the new post 911 America." You have mega-stardom and premature death written all over you - but don't worry about the latter, it's just a style thing. I will trumpet you, I will glory your name, I wouldn't specialise if I were you.

Introduce yourself to Jeffree Star.

My thanks to Fish for the introduction

1 comment:

Fish said...

I knew you'd love him! You must get his album when it's on iTunes. Myself and a certain Lambrini luvvin' twig in my fine art group ADORE him and have been "singing" 'Eyelash Curlers' all week. x