Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gordon's November horrors foreseen

Arcati readers will know of my keen interest in the astrology annual Old Moore's Almanack - I have been particularly impressed by its predictive accuracy on the topic of the government. It foretold a happy August (with traditional Gord-style values emphasised) but that by November the government would be in trouble with new scandals aplenty - Northern Rock and the loss of 25 million benefit files might reasonably be regarded as, er, headaches. For my last Moore's report click here.

If Moore's remains spot on, then the UK economy in 2008 will perform reasonably well even if the PM is given little credit.


Anonymous said...

On your recommendation I bought the latest Old Moore's. While it is true the stargazer foresaw a resurgent August for the government, there's no prior mention of a change of leadership at No 10, other than a vague reference to change of governmental personnel some time in July. In other words, were you a Martian entirely dependent on Old Moore's for news, you would not know that Brown is fucking up the country instead of Blair.

shanpeter45 said...

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