Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heather Mills McCartney: You call this a petition?

Amid the Kali-esque fuliminations and gurning from Heather Mills McCartney yesterday on various TV shows, she mentioned something about a petition for "responsible journalism" which she proposes to take to the European Parliament. To my knowledge only Sky printed a web address for further information - This turns out to be a red herring or a misprint or something. Can't imagine why! Actually, had Heather an ounce of sense she would have made this petition the centrepiece of a studied and reasoned allocution on the demonic tabloids: Fiona Phillips might have nodded off, but that's no bad thing. When TV host Fiona is erect with excitement, you know - as a show guest - you must be doing something wrong.

I assume that Heather's campaign web address is the one linked off her own website click here. Go to Fight For Responsible Journalism click here. This takes you to a blood red page topped with "Boycott The Scum" which is the "so-called Sun". The words "Enough is Enough!" scream at you before you're invited to continue. Enter bedlam ...

Next you're greeted with a load of words penned by Heather's sister Fiona Mills. "It is high time we took a stance and made a decision not to accept modern day stoning of anybody," she states not unreasonably. But just when you think that this is a campaign against general press bullying we are invited to "stand united against this corporate giant called the Sun, who [sic] is not only feeding the nation with lies and abuse, but is charging them money for it in the process." This is followed by an account of various abuses suffered by Heather at the hands of hacks and paps before more rage against the Sun and links to accounts of the paper's atrocities.

Finally we get to the petition button: "Sign the petition to create just and fair journalism that will educate us rather than moronify us and our children."

Oh dear! Memo to Heather, Fiona; listen to Madame: You can't rail against the press and then just pick on the Sun - you have to demonstrate wide-ranging abuse by many or all of the tabs. That's easy! And is this a campaign for a better press or just a vendetta against the Scum? Nor is it clear at all what your aims are beyond a fury over Heather's media treatment. What a pity Phil Hall, your esrtwhile PR, isn't around to redraft your petition into something explicable and keenly targeted. Judging by many of today's reader reaction comments on newspaper websites, Heather's not without her supporters. There's a bank of sympathy out there for what she has to say about our tawdry tabs (not to be confused with personal sympathy, of course).


Moon Mistress said...

They say in their petition:

“There has been such a barrage of libelous articles printed against Heather that it became impossible to take action against every offending article and publication, as to pursue all of these in the courts would have been extremely expensive, emotionally exhausting and impossibly time consuming.”

“There are however three outstanding libel actions against British Newspapers by Heather Mills.”

It seems to me that there is no need for them to take legal action against all of them. If they win only ONE suit, it would, at least to me, prove their point that these paper are making up things about her.

And you’re right Madame. They mention only the Sun, yet the petition they want everyone to sign says only “Sign the petition to create just and fair journalism that will educate us rather than moronify us and our children.” Is this just a petition against the Sun or against all tabloid journalism? It’s unclear, at least to me. If the only paper they have a beef with is the Sun, then sue them. They say they have “three outstanding libel actions against British Newspapers by Heather Mills” yet they do not clarify whether all
three are against the Sun or other papers.

They need direction and organization.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

How can we take Heather seriously after her statement that she had considered suicide to keep her daughter safe?? death threats?? That is incomprehensible...We are talking about Paul's daughter...I truly don't feel that he would ever allow his daughter or Heather to be in harms way..Call me naive, but I still believe in morals, and Paul has never demonstrated any harmful this a cry for attention Heather?