Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heather Mills: New PR may not last long ...

Heather Mills has appointed a new worldwide PR to replace Phil Hall - one exotic Michele Elyzabeth who has aristocratic pretensions and a new Heather blog unwisely unmoderated. The result is a cascade of atrociously insulting anti-Heather comments from the net's gabby anonymice - along the lines of "Crazy hires crazy", "She's only famous because she sucked a Beatle's dick" and "Why doesn't she take off her stump and knock you both over the head". Oh dear, this is not good PR at all, unless it's an experiment to measure the level of tabloid-driven bile directed at the embattled Lady Macca. Whatever, read up for yourself, click here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Monsieur Arcati didn't see this message on the blog he directs us to:


choos said...

I think Heather should stop caring so much what people think.

No-one worth their salt believes or cares what is written by the tabloid scumbags in the UK or twits who run websites dedicated to trying to rubbish others to make themselves feel better.

Responding to these people only fuels them and makes you look desperate for media attention.

As long as the people you care about know the real you and care for you return then that's pretty much all that matters.

A sensible speech at last.

Moon Mistress said...

Now that was enjoyable. She's definitely nuts. Can't wait to see what next week brings. Thanks Madame.