Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gone Fishing: One to watch for Oscar interest

I viewed a wonderful British short movie the other day, Gone Fishing. It stars Bill Paterson, Devon Murray (of Harry Potter fame) and Ruth Gemmell: James Wilson, the young boy who plays Simon, is quite remarkable and one to watch. The title belies a frankly more interesting theme of a mystical nature but I wouldn't want to say any more than that. It has already won the Best Short at the Rhode Island Film Festival 2008 and Best Short Film at the Kodak Awards 2008. Now before the Academy Awards jury for Oscar shortlist consideration, it's a beautifully shot and acted little number. Director/writer Chris Jones is currently at the Dinard Film Fest which Gone Fishing opened out of competition. His blog offers a fascinating insight into the whole world of filmmaking - the endless festivals, schmoozing, dreaming up of notice-me promo campaigns. Have a read, click here. More about the movie, click here.

James Wilson: Precocious actor and one to watch. Surely heading for a major franchise movie before long

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Anonymous said...

Max Irons should've been in this.