Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jonathan King and Vile Pervert: The Guardian Ad

I know Jonathan King excites all sorts of tabloidy views but I did enjoy his Vile Pervert: The Musical movie which he took to this year's Cannes, and do read my considered review, click here. The Guardian was happy enough to run the ad below last week, and what's good enough for the Guardian is good enough for me.

Oh, and I hear the Mail rejected the ad. Well, not quite its catchment innit.


Jonathan King said...

Arcati, you are such a class act.
A Blithe Spirit if ever I encountered one.


Duralex said...

Since when is the Mail so virtuous ?

Anonymous said...

I see Arcati is in the ad. What a disgrace. I'd cancel my subscription but you're free.

Anonymous said...

The Mail isn't virtuous. It's just that the ads might be less expensive in The Guardian.