Monday, October 27, 2008

Quantum of Solace: A most dreadful, ghastly film

Saw Quantum of Solace today, the new Bond film. What a load of dreadful, action-derivative rubbish. All the style of your average borstal. And Dame Judi Dench should do something about her teeth. Here, read this Jude. And Bond and his latest tart Olga have filthy fingernails and grimy cuticles. I nearly threw up over a veteran old fart film reviewer from one of our ancient newspapers, but showed self-restraint. Bond has expired as a franchise in my view. Barbara Broccoli should be executed. Daniel Craig is fit only for nude photography: Ancient Roman Emperor still-lifes. I like the theme toon by Alicia Keys and Jack White though - you can just listen to that at home on your thingy.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. They should saxk the writers. After all these are the same guys who were responsible for creating Icarus, the stupid invisible car, and the ridiculous plane sequence in Die Another Day. Apart from their lousy dialogues, and faux-gritiness (asking Pierce Brosnan to look mean in a couple of well-placed shots doesn't mean the film is dark). Part of the reason the franchise was rebooted was because the movies became stale and using the same writers who caused that is just ridiculous. These guys are just as bad as George Lucas! I didn't even think Casino Royale was a great film either. The love story was unconvincing and the ending with the crumbling building was almost too similar to Die Another Day's crumbling plane, and the crumbling desert compound in Quantum of Solace. Come to think of it, the sinking sub in The Worl dis NOt Enough was kind of similar too...
Bond needs not just a rebott, but the booting out of the writers and the music composer David Arnold who is best known for imitating and caricaturing Jonh Barry, but the funny thing is, Barry is still alive so they may as well not be so tight-arsed and get the real thing than this wannabe loser. They should have left David Arnold in the early 90s techno scene.