Friday, December 05, 2008

Eurovision: Wogan? Norton? What's the difference?

My campaign to rid the Eurovision Song Contest of BBC host Terry Wogan has been a great success: the pompous blarnier has been carted off at last. But only to be replaced by Graham Norton. This is a huge error. Wogan's contemptuous levity was part of the UK's defeatism and amateurishness in the face of triumphant north and east Europeans. Norton is just another Wogan. And with Andrew Lloyd Webber as composer of our 2009 entry, I think we can safely look forward to another "Royaume-Uni: nil points". The BBC is the problem, its whole approach is wrong-headed and arrogant - the inevitable consequence of leeching smugly on the public purse. The BBC doesn't get Eurovision. I shall start a new campaign to bury Norton. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Staying Euro, but change of subject. The drag heist in Paris has to become a comedy film. Priscilla Queen of the Avenue Montaigne.

Jonathan King said...

I'm sad to say I agree with you totally Madame; Norton and Andrew will simply make it into another branch of reality TV.

I really wish the BBC would have the balls to let me take it back over, after all, I did bring the UK a win last time around. But the BBC's balls were amputated shortly before their backbone was removed and they grovelled to Mr Dacre and his righteous indignation over Ross and Brand.