Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Molly Parkin's New Year Resolutions for 2009

I asked the legendary Molly Parkin, 76 - who is my wife-to-be as well as painter, writer, style icon, soho club hostess - what she resolves to do in the next year. Her response:

1. Marry Arcati and have a cat together.
2. Ask my female doctor's advice on safe dosage of VIAGRA (for me).
3. Paint a canvas, write a page, read a book, every day of the year (without fail)
4. Continue to:
by Johnny Mercer, singer, lyricist,and composer, 1909 - 1976
from his 40s swing-hit...


Portrait by Tommy Candler [click here for more info on Tommy's work]


Gina said...

I like your "To dos" for 2009

Gina from Germany

Please write me a comment


Elvira said...

Oh MA,
Just as I was about to go: yawwwwn... something better happen soon or I will have no other choice than to start a conversation with my neighbors… you come to the rescue with this great advice from Molly (I take it as advice).

I wish her webpage had a blog section where she did publish that page-a-day she is talking about; I would be first in line to send her encouraging comments and cheer her up (like she needs such thing!). All it has is sort of a journal/bio section called The Gaudy Bohemian with little bits and pieces of her extraordinary life..

I just re-read the interviews you made on her in April ’07. I’m still dizzy; the lady is just a supernova and pure joy to read about.

Maybe you can persuade her to commit (ok maybe that is not the best word) to send you some samples every now and then to prevent her for breaking her resolution (he, he – that is what I call a win-win-win! situation).

Fine arts were my first love and life has just been cruelly pushing me in a lopsided direction.

Madame Arcati said...

Elvira, I'm sure Molly will read your comment and who knows what she may do? Her biopic screenplay is being written at the moment so that should be fascinating, too.

You must tell me more about your lopsided direction: Madame Arcati adores details. x

The late Nigel Dempster said...

What's this about Molly being your wife to be? Did I miss something?

Elvira said...

Dear MA,
Let’s just say that at the moment I work with Arts and Culture but I’m not in the center stage (and right now, living in the dinky little town I live, it feels like not even in the same galaxy!). Perhaps we’ll talk eventually.

For now I’ll just continue to “haunt” your blog and enjoy your guest comments. I love it when you come up with a subject that gets everyone going and soon you forget what the original post was about… feels like a party.

Tsch├╝ss! Mach’s gut!

Madame Arcati said...

Well, you tell me what you can, und ein gl├╝ckliches Neues Jahr!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pic of Molly. She is so lovely, and the way the light falls on her - Tommy Candler is a true artist. This should be in the Nat Portrait Gallery. A happy 2009 to you and Moll.

Ms Baroque said...

Well that is marvellous. Molly is an inspiration. What must it be like to be a piece of stained glass? I must get onto some new year's resolutions.

Ms Baroque said...

And a very happy new year to you, Madame A dear! Thanks for everything as always. hope 2009 is better than anything, but of course you know all about that...

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Ms B, and a very happy New Year to you. xx

A sad Sunday Times editor said...

No resolutions yourself, Madame? Still playing the puppet-master U see.

Tommy Candler said...

Happy new year and thankyou for showing all my Molly pics..& website xxxx only just opened Molly says 'comments, really nice' says Molly ,,, will do later.. xxx Tommy

Elvira said...

I’m sorry I didn’t make a comment on Tommy Candler’s work before she checked the ones that were already up. I hope she gets to see this, or that maybe Molly will check in and relay the message to her, or I suppose I may have to send her and e-mail.

Tommy, I love it when an artist tickles my mind and makes me pay more attention to the world around me. It’s the reason why I appreciate art like Louis le Brocquy’s portraits (http://www.anne-madden.com/LeBPages/one%20mans%20eye2.html ) that force you not to pay so much attention to the face and look more at the person’s individual features), or Patrick Hughes (http://www.patrickhughes.co.uk), who uses a technique that has been around since The Reinassance, but pushes it further with his three-dimensional pieces making us step back and forward until our eye can figure out his “reverspective”.

I’ve obviously seen many photos of exhiting and exotic places with colorfull views, but until I saw your photos, I am almost ashamed to say I did not notice to which extent color surrounds us! I love how, in your series, color becomes the subject and the object itself takes second place (and the fact that they are so vibrant doesn’t hurt either!). I whish you much succes on your ongoing project with Molly.

MA, how come you haven’t made a little piece on Marty Thornton (pictured with Molly) I would think you would have an appreciation for his work; it seems a few of his interests intertwine with yours (i.e. big Warhol influence). Couldn’t you interview him? Before you do, I found his website: http://www.martythorntonart.com