Sunday, December 28, 2008

'I may sell "Rupert" on eBay', says Everett's ex-lover

Rupert Everett's former lover Veritas, who sadly lost a crown on Rupie's cock-ring, writes of Arcati's 2008 awards ...

How wonderful! Is Madame Arcati back then? I thought we had lost you for a while. I had hoped there may be a "molar of the year" category and therefore my crown christened "Rupert" would have won (you know..the one chipped during an early close encounter with Mr Everett). It's been replaced by a insert but I have saved "Rupert" in a little box. Perhaps I'll sell it on eBay.
Cheers, Veritas.

Dear Veritas
I only went away for a day or two before a flood of complaints shooed me back onto the blogosphere. How much do you think your Rupert will get you on eBay? And how will you tag it? "Tooth crown lost to Rupert Everett's cock-ring"? Bit of a mouthful, er, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Poor Veritas is deluded if she thinks anyone will pay something for that piece of rubbish. People would not pay for one of Rupert’s teeth if he had broke it on the Duchess of Cornwall’s cockring… Recycle your tooth, darling; crush it and spread it over the flowerbeds in your garden; at least something usefull would have become of it.

Your experience is a very common occurrence:


Madame Arcati said...

It's Veritas' crown we're talking about not one of Rupie's gnashers. I had a look at the vid and there is no mention of a missing crown, only of an alleged Rupie pick-up. It may be fiction, then again it may be true: certainly it's not outside the bounds of possibility given what he has freely admitted in his memoirs and interviews. And good luck to him.

On the subject of the Duchess of Cornwall's cockring, I have to say I would pay very good money to buy that. Such an item might even be priceless and of interest to certain kinds of freaky museum.

The Awakening Stella Polari? said...

I must admit i would rather bid for Rupe`s cockring than a skanky crown.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, Mme.,
I guess you were too sleepy on Sunday to appreciate the humor in my oh-too-subtle comment (feted much Saturday night, dear?). I know it is anonymous, pheasant Veritas’ tooth we are talking about. It only makes it worse it is not even Rupe’s and there is no stained dress to prove the encounter.

When Veritas become a renowned filmmaker (or whatever it is he claims to be today) it may mean something to someone. As of today is a memento of a clandestine rendezvous that may or may not have happened between a self-destructing actor that manages to turn sour everyone of his projects and a nobody (sorry Veritas, but right now you are). It’s worth nothing.

In regards to the vid, my point exactly! Stories like Veritas’ abound in the internet and as you say, Rupe is the first one to admit he has been a dog and still is. One of a million.

I’m sure Napier-Bell agrees, too.

Madame Arcati said...

Ah, well you say that now. But the art of subtlety lies in a hint. I may be clairvoyant but I'm no telepath.

Actually Everett is quite successful as you well know. Why, he helped produce the St Trinians film which was so successful a sequel is planned for release next Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Was it really? Very well, but go to Ebay and search for Rupert Everett memorabilia. I doubt that you’ll find anything for over £4. I promise not to say I told you so.