Monday, December 08, 2008

Jonathan King: 'BBC wanted to dump Eurovision'

Jonathan King (belated birthday wishes) writes again with interesting Eurovision memories ...

Glad you enjoyed my card Madame; as it happens, on the day you carried my comments on Eurovision, I celebrated my 64th birthday. A request to a Mr McCartney to pop over and sing me his song did not provoke a personal appearance, possibly as I added "feel free to ignore this if you've ever been asked before".

When I took over the UK selection for Eurovision, then channel controller Botney (Yentob) was furious - he wanted to scrap the show and the huge ratings I provided scuppered his plans. I felt at the time it wasn't just Alan but the entire BBC which wanted Eurovision dumped (I also begged to take over Top of the Pops as that was looking in trouble... and the rest is history).

Why oh why is popularity so often regarded as bad? My idols, Dickens and Shakespeare, were popular from Day One and remain so in 2008.

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a-victim said...

1. Lucky Dickens
2. Lucky Shakespeare
3. Possibly because he said feel free to ignore it; possibly because paul would have been more likely to drink piss through a straw than accept whatever the circumstances.