Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jonathan King: 'Let me take over Eurovision again'

The former Eurovision maestro Jonathan King has responded to my post about the removal of Sir Terry Blarney and his replacement Graham Blarney as BBC host of the annual song contest ...

I'm sad to say I agree with you totally Madame; Norton and Andrew will simply make it into another branch of reality TV.

I really wish the BBC would have the balls to let me take it back over, after all, I did bring the UK a win last time around. But the BBC's balls were amputated shortly before their backbone was removed and they grovelled to Mr Dacre and his righteous indignation over Ross and Brand.

Dear Jonathan

I sooooooooooooo agree with you, you would be great; and certainly it would perk up interest again in Eurovision after years of BBC indifference and arrogance - I would end the licence fee tax tomorrow if I had the power. And btw, thank you so much for your delightful Christmas card. You look most becoming in red satin knickers, stilettos and fishnet stockings below a policeman's uniform as you flash your person outside a courthouse.
MA x


The late Cliff Richard said...

Mmm, King or Lloyd Webber. Now there's a choice.

Jonathan King said...

Glad you enjoyed my card Madame; as it happens, on the day you carried my comments on Eurovision, I celebrated my 64th birthday. A request to a Mr MacCartney to pop over and sing me his song did not provoke a personal appearance, possibly as I added "feel free to ignore this if you've ever been asked before".

When I took over the UK selection for Eurovision, then channel controller Botney (Yentob) was furious - he wanted to scrap the show and the huge ratings I provided scuppered his plans. I felt at the time it wasn't just Alan but the entire BBC which wanted Eurovision dumped (I also begged to take over Top of the Pops as that was looking in trouble... and the rest is history).

Why oh why is popularity so often regarded as bad? My idols, Dickens and Shakespeare, were popular from Day One and remain so in 2008.