Sunday, May 10, 2009

Andy Coulson and bullying: Time for a Number 10 petition

I know most of you are not interested - sedated on porn and Ikea as you are - but I have applied to start a petition on the Number 10 website, calling on the government to demand that the Tories comment on the findings of the Stratford Industrial Tribunal of last December, namely that the Tories' director of communications, Andy Coulson, presided over a culture of workplace bullying as editor of the News of the World.

More details on the case can be read here.

Silence is the enemy. Not one anti-bullying organisation that I know of has taken an interest in this case - it's simpler to confine their concern to the playground. Guido Fawkes made light of it when I drew it to his attention. Even Richard Madeley wrote to me asking about the case, then cracked a deflective joke when I explained the known facts. Bit too serious for the TV fluff-meister. He's not alone.

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Anonymous said...

A laudable attempt, but I'm afraid your petition will hit the ground comatose. It's most unlikely No 10 will go with it - they'll say it's a party political matter. In fact Labour is riddled with bullies itself and Coulson is precisely the kind of person any party intent on power requires - to deal with a bullying media. Ingham, Campbell, Draper, Whelan et al: they're all of a sort. But good luck. You're wasting your time.