Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Workplace bullying: Will Coulson get a dose of Crabbs?

In the Commons today Tory MP Stephen Crabb baited Gordon Brown on workplace bullying, thinking perhaps of all those flunkies and Cabinet members the PM has snarled and thrown mobiles at. This is most admirable of Mr Crabb for there is another person in British politics who stands accused of workplace bullying - the Tories' own spin doctor Andy Coulson who has not (to my knowledge) denied presiding over a culture of bullying as one-time editor of the News of the World - story, click here.

At last someone in the Tory Party in prepared to strip away the veil of silence over employee abuse by overbearing managers - do send your congratulations to him at I look forward to Mr Crabb encouraging Mr Coulson to repent his ways. I can scarcely wait.

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