Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our Lady J: Daniel Radcliffe and what the J stands for

Daniel Radcliffe's new friend Our Lady J is heading for the UK later this month with gigs at the Purcell Room and in Manchester - the latter headlined "Our Lady J’s Gospel for the Godless With the Cocquettes and friends". Her recent tabloid ascendancy will not have harmed ticket sales and I notice that she's selective in her media responses: Perez Hilton earned a tweet and a "statement" in which she managed to confirm that she and Daniel "support each other as artists." Conversationally or in other ways? The statement begs the question, dearie. Such starry pickiness I tend to associate with showbiz savviness, if you get my meaning. Dietrich would be proud.

She also claims to be a witch with powers to punish warped messengers: that makes two of us then.

I note that on her website she slips into the almighty first person plural (thank you for the correction, Anon) to announce: "We’re sorry to remove the Our Lady J blog, but it’s in the process of being edited for publication. Her transition from male to female is just too juicy to have floating around the internet for all to see!!" Ah, yes. A publishing deal. Juicy. Now I know what the J stands for.

Meanwhile, on Twitter she writes: "Enjoying the death threats. Reminds me of my childhood. Kind of like my baby-blanket!"


Anonymous said...

Not the third person but the first person plural

Dr Munchhausen said...

Is Madame Arcati irked that Our Lady Juicy has failed to be summoned into your presence as per others? She seems slightly annoyed, troubled, and we (first person plural) are most concerned that she does not come a cropper.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you dearies for the correction. What was I thinking? Write in haste ...

As for Dr M, I am only irked by media whores tho' I try not to cast the first stone.