Monday, December 14, 2009

Goddess Almine survived assassination attempt and danced with a python

And so back to another Arcati favourite, the Oregon-based global mystic Almine alias Almine Barton alias the Rt Hon the Countess of Shannon, wife (estranged or ex) of the former Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, the 9th Earl of Shannon alias Richard Bentinck Boyle. His other titles include Viscount Boyle, Baron of Castle-Martyr, Co. Cork; and Baron Carleton of Yorkshire.

A kind reader has drawn my attention to a Mail on Sunday article published in 2005 on the business travails of Boyle. Tagged on at the end of the piece is the intriguing claim that he and Almine met after she bought one of his titles, becoming Baroness Almine Barton of Colbry. Mischievously, the paper reports, "She performed ethnic dances with a python called Delilah."

Self-described "as one of the most profound spiritual teachers of our age", a worker of miracles, etc, she is an unlikely purchaser of an aristocratic title. What can beat "goddess"?

More alarming, I have discovered a claim that she survived an assassination attempt! An Almine disciple tells how at an undated Florida convention, digitalis was put in her water with the intention of "stopping her heart". However by some miracle she survived despite ingesting enough of the drug to kill her.

She also has elemental powers. The same disciple tells how a tornado was heading towards the hotel of the same convention. Happily Almine was at hand to deal with it. She "gestured at the sky and said a prayer." This had the effect of deflecting the storm south, "killing 40 people in a mobile home park." Apparently this act saved the lives of the 1,000-plus at the hotel, though I should have thought your average hotel could withstand a tornado. Still, at least the dead were just trailer trash.

I just hope none of their loved ones take it too personally and bring lawsuits for acts of goddess. (More about Almine at labels)


Kate Collings said...

The human body and mind is an amazing instrument which we have all taken for granted. Perhaps we all on some level on consciousness obtain this "powers"?!?

Got to be honest not sure about the trailer trash dig - but apart from that a fabulous and insightful read.

Thanks for sharing.
Take care
Kate Collings


Madame Arcati said...

Dear Kate, I was perhaps being slightly, um, sardonic. But thank you for your kind remarks.

Are you a follower of Almine?

Anonymous said...

and who was it that said Madame only writes about "troubled people"?

Still-they are the most interesting aren't they.

Where can one buy a godess title ?

The late Frankie Howerd said...

Don't know why but this had me chuckling till I fell asleep. I swear you make these things up.

Madame Arcati said...

Where can one buy a goddess title? I suggest you go to one of Almine's websites where her titles are listed. Try

Her cookbooks are recommended in my Xmas roundup with hyperlinks.

Rachel Keefer said...

I found an article in the Evening Standard ( which also speaks about Richard Boyle (supposedly our Mystic Almine's husband) and his business dealings and selling of his blue-blooded titles. However, the article reveals:

"More reliance can perhaps be placed on Companies House records, which show that Boyle, who now lives with his third wife, Almine, near Reading, Berkshire, had director-level appointments with 22 companies over the years"

Certainly verifies that he married a woman named Almine, but since she STILL LIVES WITH HIM in Reding, Almine Barton the mystic of Oregon cannot be one and the same.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you - the story in the Standard was written in 2005, I believe. Almine Barton is indeed the Countess of Shannon, ex- or estranged wife of Boyle. It's well documented.

You may find this Wikipedia entry useful: