Monday, April 02, 2007

The Guardian's Dr Who "scoop"

The Guardian's media Monkey column asks itself excitedly today whether Dr Who star David Tennant has signed up for another series. "The question is put to him at every press conference, and every time he declines to answer," it writes. "But Monkey can reveal that it's not because he hasn't made his mind up. He has. Fans will be pleased to learn that a third series with Tennant in the lead role is guaranteed."

Really! In fact this can only be news to writers who don't bother to read the tabloids or any of the showbiz internet sites (try a Google search). On September 9, 2006, The Sun reported: "David Tennant has signed for his third Dr Who series in a £1million deal, we can reveal."

And it was Madame Arcati who revealed many moons ago that Tennant will depart his Tardis mid-fourth series, most probably early next year.

Try to keep up, chaps.


Mark H Wilkinson said...

The Mirror are under the impression Tennant will film all 13 episodes.

Arcati said...

Thank you. Well, we're making progress on the Guardian's story.

I was most interested to read about the Guardian editor's £30,000 grand piano purchase in GQ. I would love to hear him give a recital, perhaps at the Royal Albert Hall one year, like Jo Brand did (except she played an organ).