Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sunday Times: Redundancies to come

Yet I cannot leave these shores before announcing sad news. When The Sunday Times editor John Witherow takes off on his hols in about a fortnight's time, redundancies will be announced at the newspaper. Its declining fortunes cause me no joy and it is with a heavy heart that I broadcast this. However, Madame Arcati has peered into her crystal ball and sees the following: Nick Hellen, AA Gill and John Witherow will remain in what some might think are jobs for life. Robin Morgan, editor of the Magazine, will never so much as retire as simply remain in post, dead, a la El Cid (if we are to believe the Charlton Heston movie).


The Daughter-of-a-bitch said...

Is that what's happening to you, granny? If so, I think it's a marvellous opportunity for them to create a pointless blog in order to keep themselves nicely occupied and avoid lapsing into early senility (the medicine doesn't work on everybody, though).

Arcati said...

Yes, with lots of youngies to read them all day long! Will make a change from being buried at the Sunday Times with psycho cunts for bosses.