Monday, April 02, 2007

Mark McGowan: 'Penetrative sex for Prince William'

I just love the idea of Mark McGowan, don't ask me why: my critical faculties are totally suspended in the face of performance stunt art and its naked ambition. His latest venture is the live representation of Prince William's conception on stage (details in previous post). Will it feature actual sex? I asked him ....

Mark McGowan! You're planning an art performance about the conception of Prince William - why? Was there something special about it?

I think it was quite special and very emotive. He held Diana in an embrace and she gave herself to him.

What do you hope the audience will get from the performance? Or, what will the performance be for?

The audience will be able for the very first time to witness one of the most important moments in the recent history of Britain. The building of a nation. The future king of England.

Be honest, how was it for Diana?

Oh Diana, the queen of hearts. So many men wanted her. Adored by millions. She always was unselfish. She I believe loved every minute of the conception.

I understand the players will wear Charles and Di masks - who will you play and could you tell us how you prepared for the representation?

They will be wearing cardboard boxes on their head with pictures of Di and Charles on the front for aesthetic purposes. We are currently auditioning for the parts as the last pair of actors pulled out due to their involvement in an upcoming Steven Seagal movie.

Will there be simulated sex and a climactic moment in the history of the UK and its Commonwealth?

There is to be no simulation. It is a live penetrative sex performance.

William and Harry have turned out OK, haven't they, standard issue males, like from a sausage factory. What's there to be said about them?

Not too sure about Harry, he's ginger. But William is magnificent.

Would you accept any comparison with Banksy?

Only comparison is that we both make enormous amounts of money out of our art.

Do you get fan mail and/or any unwanted attention from the authorities? How are the media with you?

Only this week the police and fire brigade shut down an attempted effigy burning, lots of fan mail and angry mail. The media are lovely.

You're quite famous for a number of public performances. I didn't quite understand the pro-Jade Goody thing, enjoyed the bean journey by nose ... which is the one you're most proud of to date?

Turning on a tap and leaving it running for one month and scratching 47 cars with my keys were two good projects. But I also liked "artist eats a swan".

Could you tell us a bit about yourself. You're still at the Camberwell College of Arts? Is your family OK about your work? And what is your career ambition?

Still doing a little bit of teaching at Camberwell. Family is mixed - a little bit proud and a little bit embarrassed. My career ambtion is to be a success.

Could you tell us of any other art performances under plan or being pondered.

I am being buried underneath a metre of mashed potato for one week in Dublin, Ireland. Burning some more effigies in Basle, Switzerland in June, and I am doing a self-immolation in November in Chelsea.

For more on Mark's work, see his website [click here].


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I repeat my previous comment, that a renactment of the conception of Prince Harry would be more entertaining, since we might discover the identity of the male participant in the conception.