Monday, June 29, 2009

Steven 'Seething' Wells: I didn't know you but bye, then

It's already too hot to write. Already I want some cloudy bladder to open up and drench Leicester stinking Square with me in it. So just a passing thought on yet another death - that of the music/cultural/old NME writer Steven "Seething" Wells (Swells) who, like MJ and Farrah, was finally let down by almighty medical science. Did I know Swells? No. Would I have liked him in person? Probably not. I am not good with fury in the flesh. Or atheists. Why am I writing about him? Because people I admire admired him and I see he knew how to use the word cunt comically and painfully. Also, I cannot think of better company for MJ and Farrah as they drift from sleep to awakening in an afterlife I am not sure about. Read Swells' last piece for the Philadelphia Weekly - facing death he writes: "I speak as someone whose greatest craving at this exact moment is not world peace and universal democracy or a rational and global redistribution of wealth, but a can of ice cold ginger ale." I'd second that in Leicester stinking Square.


Cynthia Loop-Cumshot said...

Darling, it was Steven 'Seething' Wells, not 'Swells'. He was 49 and died after complications brought on from having non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is unusual. If you have to have a cancer, it's one of the best one's for survival rates. It's what Martin Fry had in the mid 80s. Anyway, Steven 'Seething' Wells was English, from Leicester, I believe (though I could be wrong) and made his name writing for the NME. He moved to Philadelphia a few years ago and wrote about his illness for a Philly publication as 'The English Patient', describing what it's like for a foreigner to be sick in the US. Another death last week at the age of 50 was Ian Loveday, aka Eon, aka Binty. Eon was one of the 80s Heaven/Tabbo crowd, a nice quiet lad who made some seminal dance tracks in the 90s including the famous spinner 'What's in the Basket?'. He was buried today (monday) after dying suddenly of pneumonia last week. What's going on? Why so much death in the air and a generation being weeded out before its time? RIP boys.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Cynthia poppet - the heat has left me a little confused. I am so much better in arctic conditions. It's odd how all these people in their 40s and early 50s are snuffing it: I blame the doctors myself. xx

PS any more info on movie cum shots?

PPS Isn't it sad this posting hasn't drawn more interest. Perhaps I'll keep it up tops for a month as punishment.