Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Can she be Mistress of her Moon?

“Ten of America's 43 Presidents were born with Mars in Leo, a statistical anomaly that far exceeds chance,” wrote Wolfstar in 2005. Hillary Clinton has Mars in Leo.

Her big problem astrologically is her Moon in Pisces: no US president has ever had this placement: it betokens self-sacrifice, even a sense of victimhood, characteristics at odds with the carnivorous and opportunistic requirements of the US presidency – certainly being married to leg-over Bill has drawn on her capacity to delay gratification.

Her seven planets in fixed signs suggests a stubborn, strong-willed individual. Her Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since November 15th, indicative of her recent problems, but it goes direct from late January 2008: her New Hampshire victory is timely then. She was always going to struggle in January. After January, her chart looks very positive, particularly around summer and November, so I can understand why the Mail’s Jonathan Cainer thinks we shall hail a Mrs President this year. On the other hand, astrologer Marjorie Orr foresees a Republican victory, so the stars offer something for everyone.

Incidentally, I won’t hear a word against Private Eye, but is its new cover a bit dubious? Is the US presidential election really about black versus white? (eg Obama heading for the “Black House”). Isn't it about non-Bush versus non-Bush? The Eye is usually very sharp to the under-currents (brilliant on vicar Blair and “pipe-smoker” Brown) but I think that cover is ... dodgy.


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

Hilary will win this campaign..she showed a side of herself the other day that snagged it for her. And I believe she was sincere..she showed compassion..and that is what is lacking in this world today..if it's black against be it..I for one, think Obama hasn't a chance in hell to win this..he can't even keep his voice,, Hilary is the likely candidate and I am voting for her (and as an added feature we get two for the price of one!) Good for her!

SUSAN said...

Hillary will win... but Obama will give her a bit of a run for her money. And his day will come. There is bound to be a black president one day - and a black woman president the day after that. And for my next trick..

Ms Baroque said...

Dear Mme A, I have linked to this post, as your insight into Hillary is, in this case, also an insight into me. Now I know why I can never be President.

And by the way, you're very astrological this week, aren't you?

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Ms B - astrology makes a bit more sense to me than the go-with-the-wind commentaries in the press. Yesterdays morning papers were an embarrassment of error as Clinton made fools of us all - one of the consequences of the pack mentality of journalists and of the employment of people who can only write.

I'm glad Clinton's chart resonates with you - I think her Moon in Pisces would be a most gratifying addition to the White House. The world could do with some self-sacrifice after years of bombastic delusion.

Moon Mistress said...

Hmmm.....if Hillary Clinton can be Mistress of her Moon, can I be Clinton of my Hillary.
Yeah, lame I know. :P

Anyway, I don’t see this as a black versus white issue and I fervently hope that it doesn’t become such. I liked your comment, Madame, about it being “non-Bush versus non-Bush.”

As far as the self-sacrifice and the victimhood go, I suppose one could muse that she’s already done both thanks to Bill. I do wonder if she would still be with Bill if she didn’t have aspirations to the White House. Self-sacrifice? Victimhood? Maybe. Stubborn, strong-willed individual? Definitely. Perhaps even to the point of occasionally pushing too far and alienating some. I like her. One thing is certain; it’s going to be an interesting year.

The Daughter-of-a-Bitch said...

"astrology makes a bit more sense to me than the go-with-the-wind commentaries in the press."

Hope this is irony and mere "artistic pose". Don't tell me a sensible, rational guy like you actually believes in that BS.

Madame Arcati said...