Thursday, January 17, 2008

'The Urban Woo's yummy' - Madame Dylan Jones Arcati

Ooh, I like The Urban Woo click here. On Loaded's inclusion of Kate McCann in a tacky "sexy pin-up" list, Clair Woodward writes on blog Woo: "Yes, Kate McCann is a very attractive woman, but I'm sure that she's not planning a Jordanesque career on the back of her situation in order to take advantage of her allure. A celebrity has to be labelled sexy, even if they resemble a bag of spanners; a car, a record, a craze; even cancer has to have the word tagged onto it to make it a more saleable proposition now."


Clair said...


*Insert sparkly background and crudely-animated pictures of Tinkerbell here*

Madame Arcati said...

Sorry I misspelt your name.

Clair said...

S'alright. I can forgive an incarnation of Margaret Rutherford anything.