Thursday, January 31, 2008

A horoscopic glimpse of Dr Vanessa Neumann

As I await to hear further from Dr Vanessa Neumann – the future Mrs William Cash – said to be worth $100m and of a family worth $200m (so the papers say!) - I have glanced at her horoscope.

The birth details I have: born Feb 18, 1972, in Caracas, Venezuela. If correct, Vanessa is Aquarius with an Aries Moon: she will be reticent and unusually self-willed as well as highly perceptive (I wonder if that's true?). As I don’t have her birth (tick-tock) time I cannot calculate her Rising Sign. Her Sun in the Fourth House confirms the importance and almost peculiar influence of family on her life while her Moon in the Fifth House underscores a need for privacy, shrewdness in business matters and a strong attraction to sensation.

Saturn in the Seventh House inclines her to caution and promises quite testing times in relationships – the key to spiritual growth it should be said. This placement can mean she is fairly cool and undemonstrative - not quick to show her feelings - but may denote a dutiful nature in important liaisons. Despite her wealth and position she will feel restricted by all sorts of relationships in her life and by a resistance to her ideas, which is most interesting. She just has to persist. Who says the rich have it all?

There’s so much more to be said but that’s enough for now. I need a glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Cash has figured out yet that the Neumann's are not worth anywhere near what the Neumann fuelled rumours say? ANd if Ms. Neumann realises William is "investing" in his future by spending much of his money to impress Vanessa. The sad bit is the sycophantic friends who are fuelling this betrothal along when in fact William in about a year's time is going to get such a shock he may not be able to recover. And what happened to Ms. Neumann's interview, did she not agree to it? I am just curious! I wonder what Mr. Cash's horoscope says about him?

Madame Arcati said...

I hadn't thought to do William Cash's horoscope but I think I may - it would be intriguing to see whether the horoscope correlates to his interests.

I don't know much about the Neumanns' millions. I asked her for an interview but didn't receive a reply. Perhaps my horoscope left her speechless.