Monday, June 30, 2008

British Bastard Corporation is most disappointing

Further to the Patricia Routledge posting below and the BBC's inconsiderate treatment of her after delivering hit shows over the years, Private Eye and Popbitch writer Adam Macqueen writes ...

"It sounds very typical BBC. I once told a friend how much I'd enjoyed his programme on Radio 4 the previous day, only for him to look completely blank - turned out no one had bothered to let him know when it was being transmitted.

"And a few years later they rang him as a last-minute afterthought to let him know they were settling a potentially career-destroying libel claim against something he'd written, against his wishes, and without consulting him.

"They're not big on courtesy to those who appear in their shows: Libby Purves also records in one of her books how she made sure she got her own press release out announcing her decision not to renew her contract on the Today programme because she knew otherwise it would be spun as her being sacked: twenty years later the BBC press office was forced to apologise for fabricating a load of quotes about Christopher Eccleston's reasons for leaving Doctor Who."


SUSAN said...

This is been the way for a long time. About 10 years ago someone said how much they had enjoyed my play on Radio 3 the previous evening.I had waited 20 years for it to be repeated so I could tape it but assumed it never would be. Of course no one let me know.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that, as far as I understand it, most of these programmes are made by independent production companies, and then broadcast by the BBC. The Corporation has no direct contact with the participants. It is therefore up to the independent producer to inform participants when a programme is being broadcast.