Thursday, June 12, 2008

'G on G' action - imagine Widdy and Platell

The Sun’s Glenda, Jane Moore, fakes a moan in July GQ about “g on g” action, about how hetero men love watching hetero girls cunt-cunting in porn movies. She explains that it’s the absence of a penis in the encounter that turns the men on – the thought that the girls need a big man like the watching wanker to provide real satisfaction is the cause of arousal. Well, in the land of cod psychology anything’s possible, I suppose. Why not?

My own personal fantasy is another kind of “g on g” action – Glenda on Glenda. Can you imagine Jane Moore and the Mail's Alison Pearson at it? Or the Mail's Amanda Platell getting hot with the Express’ Ann Widdecombe. Oooh, yeah baby, I’m drooling already ....

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