Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rupert Everett: Will Simon Napier-Bell name The Tooth?

The person who claims Rupert Everett's cock ring broke his or her tooth writes again: Simon Napier-Bell may reveal more apparently ....

"Just a further note from the one with the "Rupert" tooth. If anyone had the good fortune, like me, to see Rupert in the stage version of Another Country they would have realised what a wonderful acting talent he was.

"Truth be told - Everett is one of those lucky people who looked better at 40 then he did at 20 (not that it stopped me). The media were pretty vicious about Rupert's decision to stay in the closet when he was young - squiring young upper class gels around town. He really got a pasting he never deserved (considering the sexual shenanigans of the acting world). I think they basically had a go at him because he always gave off a bit of a 'snobbish' air (he says in his autobiog that he was a snob when young). I think that's why he moved to Europe where such things didn't matter.

"NB: the tale and my real name I expect may appear in the next book being written by Simon Napier-Bell - who once managed Rupert. He is writing a series of anecdotes about the music, film and fashion world."

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