Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Warren Beatty tries to direct own tribute show

Hollywood King of the Cock-Cunters (retd) Warren Beatty is keeping the worthies of the American Film Institute busy.

On June 12 he receives its 36th Life Achievement Awards at a gala tribute show in LA – and I hear that, in contrast to past winners such as Sir Sean Connery, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford and others on the Tinseltown Buggins’ turn carousel, Beatty has been doing his bit for micro-management. “He’s on the phone constantly calling for meetings, making suggestions who should be on the show,” I am told. “He’s driven one or two people slightly around the bend – but then it makes a change to have such a winner so proactively engaged. I have never known anything like it.”

One or two others at the AFI, I learn, have flirted with regret at adding him to the eternity roster. But what do they know? Beatty’s produced-directed-starred in at least 15 classic movies. We allow gods to be control freaks. Or to quote Goldie Hawn: “Warren by nature is a caretaker. Yes, he's maddening. Yes, he's stubborn. But the bottom line is the nature of that animal is good. His intentions are pure." Yes.

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Anonymous said...

Never made a movie I wanted to sit through. Better in a brothel.