Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Christian The Lion: John Rendall's so up there Down Under

"Ace" Bourke & John Rendall at a book signing for Christian The Lion

Madame Arcati was delighted to attend the launch party for children's book Christian the Lion at Taronga Park Zoo, Australia, through the person of one who shall remain nameless. Like a demon, Arcati takes possession of different individuals who think they're in full control of their faculties but are really just me. Worrying, innit?

Christian the Lion? Oh yes. Now, as you know this is the work of Anthony "Ace" Bourne and John Rendall who together bought a lion from Harrods (in '69 I think, check Google), and it's all been written about, complete with YouTube videos. John is best remembered in GB as the sometime social editor of Hello! and sometime husband of society/celeb PR and party organiser Liz Brewer. Now look at him - on TV's The View only recently with Whoopi Goldberg pushing his book. I understand that sales proceeds are being donated to the George Adamson Fund, but there will be heaps rolling in for John and Ace from a film deal and licensed products, such as toy Christian lions.

I feel certain that Liz back in London and their daughter Tallulah Rendall will be delighted by this creative resurgence in John.

Among the guests were Jane Ferguson with daughter Heidi, Angus Hawley and Prue Fisher (Angus was married to Antonia Kidman, Nicole's sister and Tom Cruise flew him and 20 guests in his private plane to an island for a bucks party), Jenny Kee and Amanda Nankervis... Jenny was John Lennon's girlfriend before Yoko; she reckons she turned him on to Asian girls. Oh, and so many others I can't be bothered to mention.

Jenny Kee & Amanda Nankervis


Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but what is a 'bucks party'?

Madame Arcati said...

Stags party I guess

Anonymous said...

bucks party ? You probably should ask Tom Cruise-he's the one who likes to whip off 20 lads for a long weekend.

Joanne said...

What a wonderful story of love and friendship...

Carolyn said...

Christian the Lion is such a beautiful gift - thank you Bourke and Rendall for sharing him with the rest of the world - albeit accidentally. To me Christian is Narnia - his is my daily feel good fix - I never tire of looking at his pictures which show what a great personality and character this lion was - I hope he did not have to suffer too much in the wilds of Africa. Thank you also to the late George, Bill and also to Ginny. I hope one day I meet the two gentlemen who raised Christian and learn abit more about him. Thank you again.