Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victor Zammit: His $1m challenge to afterlife deniers

Retired Australian lawyer Victor Zammit is offering $1m to any afterlife researcher who can rebut evidence for the afterlife. Click here. The applicant must understand scientific methodology, must know about admissibility of evidence and is recognised as an investigator in this field. In other words, your average pig ignorant sceptic who just hangs on the words of Richard Dawkins or Christopher "bisexual word god" Hitchens is not likely to get very far.

"Any evidence [for the afterlife] that's not rebutted remains valid," is quite properly his mantra.

You can read his book A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife here. It begins with this statement: "There is undeniable scientific evidence today for the afterlife. I am a former practising attorney-at-law formally qualified in a number of university disciplines. I am also an open-minded sceptic."

Zammit: What happens to us when we die, click here.


veritas said...

As Victor Zammit is Australian this brings to mind a true story of the late Australian media mogul and billionaire Kerry Packer.

Packer had a heart attack about 12 years ago and was clinically dead for many minutes. When he was finally revived, to his credit he gratefully donated a dozen cardiac arrest emergency units for public use.

However he famously told his son & heir James, and repeated the tale many times in public.."I have been to the other side and I can assure you there is nothing there. There is no afterlife. There was only blackness".

This was apparently an endorsement for the Packer's freewheeling spending habits. Big Kerry was known for dropping the odd million$$ at the Las Vegas gaming tables (but although he was a fiercesome man-he was also generous, once thrusting a $60K win into the hands of a homeless woman he encountered outside a casino.)

Taking his dad's words to heart son James Packer has divested his publishing & TV empire and continued a hedonistic life with a lavish South of France wedding, jetting in guests like Tom Cruise, a new $80M yacht and invested in gambling casinos in Maccau.

And as a non-believer, like his pop, he ignored ancient Chinese Feng Shui advice, perceiving it as superstitous nonsense, and built on the wrong side of the river with disastrous results.

Poor James has been reduced from being Australia's richest man to about the fifth.

One only had to think of his father's words to realise what nonsense they were. If Big Kerry actually remembered there was "nothing" and only blackness when he was dead for those 6 minutes..that means there WAS something.

"Nothing" is something-it's like the concept of infinity-it exists but it's too difficult to comprehend for us mortals. Just as "blackness" is a real colour-Kerry Packer certainly experienced something when he was dead-he just mis-interprted it !.

Anonymous said...

Look at what I found, darling.
Notice there is a whole page for them and notice at 9:20 what the guy says (not that atheism, or should I be politically correct and call it humanism, is an organised belief - yeah, right).

It sends chills up my spine, but this is the kind of thinking (the caller‘s) that drove my parents away from the Catholic church - not to the point of becoming atheists - and I'm afraid this is the kind of individual (the host) that is out there to embrace those that are tired of the empty preaching - so sad. Every time you listen to atheists speak of why they ran away from their beliefs you hear them say that what makes people religious is fear. I never understood the phrase "fear of God"; it makes no sense to me because is not what I heard when I was taught the word, but then again maybe in my head it was me who chose what teachings where right and what was nonsense (?).

I “hear” what this girl is arguing; I agree that very frequently I find people that brandishes their spirituality (religiousness, really, and how they go to church every week) while you see them behave in the most hideous way, from being judgmental and prudish to downright vindictive in the name of "righteousness", easily ignoring their own (other) wrongdoings and it is true that they come out of service acting like they have been given clean slate and a permit to start all over again with their hideous behaviour - or worse, not even acknowledging their wrongdoings.

People tired of all that hypocrisy then go to people like this man, who tell them that he needs to see God to believe in Him and that only when He reveals Himself he'll accept His existence - that's exactly why it will never happen! Poor people, all I hear is despair, no matter what they say.

I hope the church is paying attention - they have so failed in their mission.