Monday, April 27, 2009

Alternative Miss World: Drag date with Molly Parkin

Molly Parkin's taking me to the drag pageant Alternative Miss World on Saturday, May 2, at the Roundhouse in Camden, as her VIP partner, natch. "The event that brought Leigh Bowery to London, that intrigued artists from Brian Eno to David Hockney, that has attracted fashionistas from Zandra Rhodes to Ryan Styles - The Alternative Miss World - a beauty contest like no other – ricochets back into the limelight for its 12th outing since 1972 at London's premier venue The Roundhouse on Saturday May 2nd 2009," reads the invite.

The theme this year is the elements so I was thinking perhaps of wearing an iPod instead of a tie, screening David Attenborough's The Living Planet just below my chin. Could be useful if the conversation dries up.

Molly is one of the judges, along with the likes of "Queen of Colour Zandra Rhodes, Textile Temptress Celia Birtwell, Bruce Lacey the elemental artist, pilot and AMW veteran, Movie Maestro Ken Russell, Rocky Horror’s Creator Richard O’Brien, Hollywood Superstar Tim Curry, South Asia’s Cultural Guru Rajeev Sethi, The Doyen of Craft Today, Philip Hughes, London’s Latest Hotspot Amy Lamé, Jonny Woo the Darling of the East End, Time Out’s Tony Elliott, the Roundhouse’s Supremo Marcus Davey, Alternative Miss World of The Universe 2004 Miss Secret Sounds of Sunbird Rising CCCP, 2004’s Co-Host, the fabulous Julian Clary," et al.

Semi-naked boys, dancing girls and the biggest exhibitionist mature tarts of London will all be on display.

Tickets: £27.50 Groundlings and £50 Seated. The Roundhouse Box Office T. 0844 482 8008. For more info on the event and venue, click here. Andrew Logan reveals a little more about the show here.

And heeeere's Andrew (you may have to turn up the volume)

And don't forget you can meet Molly on Tuesday nights at the Green Carnation in London's Greek St, click here.


veritas said...

Now this brings back memories as I attended the very first ball and appear in glorious technicolour in a wonderful fim made of the event one year when it was in a huge circus tent on Clapham Common (or was it Battersea Park ?). Of all those names you mention I believe only the legendary Molly was there and of course Zandra Rhodes. It's so nice that you are finally catching up to my past history MA !

Marilyn said...

I hear no food is served - you'd think a few ushers from the local Odeon could be spared to flog various sweets and stimulants. Moll's a doll.