Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love You, Man: How not to make it sound gay

For an example of how Hollywood gets its Calvins in a twist over male on male relationships, see the TV ads for new movie I Love You, Man.

It's actually a bromance - about straight man estate agent Peter Klaven (played by Paul Rudd) who lacks a special male pal to act as best man at his upcoming wedding, so he goes on a series of man-dates to find one. Soon he stumbles on fellow straight guy Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) and it's love of a sort at first sight - strictly no tongues however. It's a buddy movie really, but pilfers the chick flick thing and spells out what straight men feel about each other and whatnot. It's all very entertaining in a rudimentary way.

Now here's the thing: how do you market such a flick without it sounding gay? Easy. You ignore the theme. So according to the TV ads it's about a guy whose fiancee won't give him a blowjob - and guess what? His best man tells all at a pre-wedding drinks! Gross! No mention of the bromance or man-dates or the manionship - it's a wonder the script got greenlit at all.


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

.... maybe it should be retitled, I love you man, but not on the "down low"!
sorry, but the premise is too funny..

Anonymous said...

“it's a wonder the script got green lit at all”.

Did you watch it yet? I haven’t. In that scene where the new buddy “tells all” about the blow jobs neglect, do you think they make it look as if in the end there is no real love (loyalty / discretion) between them and the hetero guy will always have a better relationship with his wife to be? You know, reassuring women that the perfect guy will always end up preferring them…in every level.

The promos I have seen are nothing like what you say, though - there is even a scene where one of his man-dates does confuse it for a date and ends it putting this tongue in Mr. Perfect’s mouth (and he is totally traumatized about it, of course! - great comic relief… worst nightmare: end up in a date with a gay man; the horror).

They can claim it is a guy’s comedy until doomsday; IT’S A CHICK MOVIE (puke - I’m so over those) where Mr. Perfect is so perfect he can’t even get along with men. So, I have the chance to be noble and magnanimous: I encourage him to find a best buddy to hangout with and have some bro’/bonding time with him - that way we can give each other “some space“ and I‘m reassured about his manhood; after all I don‘t want to end up sharing my bed with a sissy.

They just disguise it as a story for “both genders” with all the gross jokes that have become so customary in recent comedies (read: Cameron Diaz hair gel) so that girls can drag their boyfriend to watch it.

Love you, puky.

Madame Arcati said...

Dear OX, Yes I have seen the movie - the tongue scene you describe occurs on one of the man dates - his date misreads our hero and thinks he's being chatted up.