Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pink trooper arrested at London's G2 demos

My pink super trooper aka Ben Moore has been arrested at the G20 demos. How wonderful that the burger-brained police should prove to be so compliant in furnishing Ben's artistic exhibition set against the moronic protesters. I had feared that Madame Sarkozy's bodyguard might shoot him but she wisely stayed away and I think arrives in London on Friday, wanting to be seen at her decorative best.

A more effective demonstration would comprise 100,000 people standing in rapt silence made up as zombies. The poor police, ever desperate to show off to the cameras, wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

Stop press: 'Rumour has it he was trying to get it on with one of the police officers'


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

..what in the world! why was he arrested? Too bad he couldn't have fought him off with his bubble gum outfit; he should have had Criss Angel work his magic and have him morph into a wad of disappearing gum...only to appear in between yesterday's memorable hug fest beween Michelle Obama and the if that wasn't surreal enough!

Anonymous said...

What a great career move,being arrested ! He must turn up in court in pink trooper outfit.A publicist's dream come true. Was the officer pretty ?

x veritas

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

no, I disagree, it's not always the best tactic to use to promote oneself... think if he attempted this soiree with a minor? He would be unable to move his bubble gum suit to any new residence without registering it (sex predator crime), not always a smart move...
There are celebrity's that later wish they were never does no one any great service...I am not trying to be too serious, but I have a real problem with people trying to gain fame by tying up the courts and all the tax payer's money.(unless you are Paris Hilton, and she is too dumb to care) just for their tired egos..he probably thought it was just part of the performance art and not banking on the arrest...if it was in fact true, or alleged..!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to read the brief before I know if it was deliberate or not .

Either way, that outfit must be worn to court-unless it's already an exhibit! As for ending up on some 'register"-I think if you get nabbed taking a pee behind a tree these days that happens.
x veritas

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

do you have to register as a "tree pee-peer" (afterall, trees are living objects also)... to protect the environment of course..or is it just the sex predators?
the analogy is ridiculous and I will bet it comes from a good helping of guilt..