Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nicholas Hellen: NISA to see you, to see you NISA

The new Private Eye reports that the Sunday Times news editor Nicholas Hellen - aka Lord Percy, because of his airs - is in trouble again. Reporter Abul Taher has filed an official complaint over Percy's alleged habit of calling him a "suicide bomber". It is always distressing when one's sense of humour is not fully appreciated, and Percy has my full sympathy.

I now learn that NISA - the News International Staff Assoiciation - is lodging a complaint against Hellen over his treatment of colleagues.

Arcatistes will recall that Percy has an unfortunate habit of being taken for a bully - it is a matter of much astonishment that News International, which lately has adopted a more civilised approach to staff management (apparently), seems quite hopeless in the early identification of dysfunctional staff conduct and dealing with it as required by law. This whole matter reflects on the poor judgement of senior editors at the paper. But then Hellen must have acquired his set of values from someone.

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