Monday, April 06, 2009

Piers Morgan: Getting pissed with the PM and Simon Cowell

The fatuous fathead Piers Morgan gives an interesting interview for a change, thanks to the wonderful extracting skills of Lee Randall of The Scotsman - one of the few papers left that does not run Hello!-type self-lubricated pieces in the presence of celebrities.

Of Gordon Brown's omnipresence in his latest chewy diary- bio God Bless America, the fathead reveals: "He's there because I like to get drunk with him. I was there [No 10 presumably] the other night with him and Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden and we all got really drunk. He relaxed a bit; we trashed a few bankers over the champagne and ate a few insurance people by the time we got to the chocolates. Very enjoyable."

I'm not sure that the Prime Minister should be getting drunk, let alone with such a scurvy crew of TV smuggers. And I hardly think the PM is in a position to trash bankers when only until recently he was quite happy to ride on their coattails and take huge credit for a prudently-run economy, based on fantasy money as it turns out. Some of his best friends were bankers.

Morgan also farts out: "I think loyalty is all important, whether it's friends or family or colleagues." Yes, but when did statuesque Telegraph celebrity transcriber Celia Walden arrive in his life? Before or after his marriage drooped? That's a rhetorical question.

Read the interview, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Errr - I notice that the piece contains the following quote:

"the enemy is being taken too seriously, yet a lot of people want to. I am the same. I really don't want to be taken too seriously."

Shouldn't we regard the idea of Amanda Holden (let alone Piers) drinking with Gordon Brown with this in mind?