Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady Colin Campbell returns with Empress Bianca

Lady Colin Campbell

Fans of Lady Colin Campbell - Georgie to her friends - will be delighted to learn that her novel Empress Bianca is to be republished in September by Dynasty Press. You may recall that one the world's wealthiest women, Lily Safra, got the book pulped in its Arcadia incarnation following her claim that the novel's principal character, a "socially scheming double murderess", was based on her - fiction can so easily be confused with fact in certain less rigorous minds. Following a legal settlement Lady C made a number of "trivial" changes to the text and now we await the blockbuster once again. To order a copy click here. For background on Safra's lawsuit, click here.

Perhaps author Michael Gross will take comfort from this episode as he tussles with Annette de la Renta in New York over his marvellous book Rogues' Gallery.


veritas said...

Oh I just love Georgie Campbell-so grand and really has that amazing ability to mix fiction with fact. I must read one of her novels. What fun !

Anonymous said...

I like her accent.

The late Jack Tweed said...

Could you introduce me to Lady Colin? I think she's the sexiest woman. C'mon, bitch.

veritas said...

I especially loved her on the Oz 'Ladettes to Lady' TV show when the wonderful Liz Brewer introduced her to the ladettes as a leading example of the Aristocracy where she was accompanied by a charming gent who looked a little like a used car dealer.

It was a shining moment-almost as good as when Jane Ferguson from the same show proclaimed she had been "brought up around Royalty all her life" which I suppose is true if dad Ronnie looked after the stables at Windsor..