Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Veritas: Life, times and Rupert Everett's cockring: An interview

Is that Veritas next to the statuesque April Ashley?

One of the stars of Madame Arcati is a mystery man called Veritas. He came to my attention when he revealed here that he had lost a crown to Rupert Everett's cockring: some doubted his story, but I tended to believe it. So, I asked Veritas to cough up more details of his intriguing life - one that has been inhabited by the likes of Andy Warhol, Boy George, Diana Dors, Kirk Douglas (and Kirk's encounter with 80s drag popsinger Marilyn is (D)divine) and many other stars. A movie beckons, the spirit world is manifest. Read on and embrace celebrity culture and the afterlife you godless goatherds ...

Veritas! Mystery man! Well, I assume you're male ... do you dress left or right?

Left. When I was 13/14 I was slightly confused as I lived with an aunt who loved to dress me in drag. She owned a pub so I tended to look rather tarty. The pub was a favourite with the local coppers who came in for payoffs and free drinks. Can't imagine what they thought seeing this young drag queen hanging about the place.

You first came to Arcatistes' attention when you told us of your encounter with Rupert Everett and how you'd lost a crown on his cockring. What were the circumstances of the encounter? And did you find that Rupes is a noisy cummer or whatever?

I had been at a dinner party given by Lady Edith Foxwell at the Embassy Club for some of her movie pals. Norma Heyman, Richard Johnson and guest of honour Zsa Zsa Gabor who Edith stayed with in LA. Edith had a young black boyfriend, Winston, at the time and Zsa Zsa said during conversation that there was no way Edith could bring him to stay. Edith threw a bread roll at Zsa Zsa and the dinner party sort of broke up after Zsa Zsa stormed out.

I was giving a French friend a lift home and we saw this tall, leather-clad boy hanging around out the front of the Embassy. We thought he was a hustler and asked him to get into the car - he did and invited us to his flat just off the King's Road (in the basement of his parents’ house). I didn't really fancy him but my friend did but Rupert preferred me so the French friend pissed off. Rupert was very wham-bam-thankyou-mam! And then kicked me out to sleep in another room although I was awoken for an early morning encounter and then booted out into the street as he had to go to a fencing lesson.

Now why the nom de plume? And tell us a little bit about yourself past and present - I understand you travel a lot ....

I'm anonymous at present because of some work I'm doing which would take too long to explain. I was rejected for the first 2 jobs I went for when I was 15 which I found paralysing as I'm very shy so since I've only ever taken jobs people have offered me.

It's meant I've been a short order cook in a Soho Bar, written a social/gossip column for a major newspaper, a PR agent for some stars, promoted films and records, worked on films as a gofer and acted in one, spent a few months putting up business cards in phone booths around Bayswater for a house full of hookers, waited in restaurants, run a King's Road shop, run a porn shop, worked for the Sultan of Oman and I was the official photographer on Princess Diana's final charity event shortly before she died. I can't remember all the jobs I've had. It's also meant I've travelled the world at someone else’s expense- to New York to promote a band or Monte Carlo for a party on the Kashoggi yacht, etc.

Clairvoyantly, the word "toyboy" comes to mind. Am I on the right lines about you?

My ex-wife was the first one to use the word "toyboy" when she was planning a photographic book on pretty boys. The (distinguished London) publisher John Blake wrote a story about it years ago - it was the first mention of the term. Even the Guardian took it very seriously. It was way ahead of its time but it didn't happen. Years later her friend Germaine Greer channelled her with "The Beautiful Boy". Then I was featured in a Sunday tabloid in a spread called "A Toyboy Tells All" - scurrilous but harmless tales about some celebrities. But I was paid well.

In one message you said that you're planning to make a movie of your life. Could you tell us more? Would it be a Brit or US movie?

Not about me but someone else who was well known who I worked with. I've been working on it for 20 years and had put it away in a drawer. Then, as so often happens, I was approached by a well known music figure who knew I had the project and within weeks we had a successful Hollywood producer interested. He loves it and the wheels are in motion.

Would you say you've lived with or worked around celebs all your adult life? Could you name-drop a few more with any stories ...?

I seem to have encounters with celebrities without seeking them out. I was Diana Dors’ publicist for a record she made. I once lived in Dodi Fayed's flat for 6 months, long before he met Diana.

He had a reputation then as not being able to get it up because of his cocaine habit. One night I was there with her, a friend and a very famous film star who began to choke on some peanuts after a heavy coke session. I saved her life with the Heimlich manoeuvre. She never thanked me!

Peter Allen (Liza Minnelli's ex) was a great friend and took me to a New Year’s Eve party at Studio 54 in New York (he was a huge star in the US). We were sitting in a booth with a group of friends - Andy Warhol, Diana Ross, etc. A girl came up and slumped against my then wife who was applying eyeliner. We were all covered in glitter that was an inch thick on the floor. Suddenly cameras started flashing and Peter said, "Quick move away." The poor girl was dead from an overdose (one of 2 that night). "You don’t want to spend all night at a police station" said Peter. A month later Women’s Wear Daily did a front page feature on what was In and Out. They said staying home watching telly was in and going out was out! Illustrating this was a big photo of my wife in a hot pink dress putting on make-up whilst slumped on her shoulder is this dead girl. "Out" was right !

I remember you mentioned living with the 80s singer Marilyn and his encounter with Kirk Douglas - please, don't hold back. How close were you to the Boy George and the Blitz crowd?

I had a small mews flat in Notting Hill for 15 years and after each Tuesday night at the Blitz loads of kids used to flop on my floor, including Boy George, Marilyn, Steve Strange, Billy Idol - none were famous then.

I had a friend staying who was transport captain on a film being made at Pinewood starring Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett Majors (before drugs took their toll). I was working as Kirk's gofer which entailed things like picking up fish'n'chips for him, taking it to his hotel and charging him 20 times the price. We both slept in one Wednesday morning and there was loud banging on the door. It was Farrah's driver who said, "I've got Farrah and Kirk downstairs - Kirk's furious because you forgot to pick him up." We were dressed and downstairs in a flash. All the neighbours were now out and pointing at Farrah who was admiring the little houses and signing autographs – a grumpy Kirk leaned against his limo. As we all piled in the 2 cars and backed out of the Mews, out of my front door came a screaming Marilyn Monroe pounding on the car window screaming "Kirk, Farrah, I love you!" Kirk was mortified. He didn't speak to me for 2 days. Christopher Logue from Private Eye who lived at the end of the street later said, "I can't believe you people - you not only have Hollywood movie stars visiting you in the morning you have dead ones as well!"

Would I be right in thinking you're in your mid-late-40s now?

39- have been for a few years.

Tell us about the clairvoyant(e) who predicted you'd live a champagne life on beer money, or something like that. What else did s/he say? Do you believe in an afterlife?

My mother was a Spiritualist so I was brought up around them and have always believed. I think I attended services at the Notting Hill Spiritualist Church every week for 15 years. My ex-wife is a clairvoyante. I've seen things in séances that are simply extraordinary - materialisations and such. Naturally I believe in the afterlife - I've been there and been re-born many times. I've been told so many times to never worry about money when I have none so I don't - and something always turns up!

Where’s the movie now? Aside from Rupes, any other names who'd have anything to worry about?

The film script is in its third draft - no-one has been cast. I'll be an extra. Actually there is a great role Rupert would be ideal for.

How do agents/producers et al react to your story?

I have an agent and publisher for the book of the film - that came first. But it's Hollywood - who knows? My friend Stephan Elliot who made Priscilla, Queen of the Desert went there after he got an Oscar and hated everyone in the business. They offered him the next Bond film.

Where do you live?

Sydney, Bangkok and 2 months of the year in London.

What's your brand of toothpaste? And do you wax or gel your hair?

Bigger Brand - you get it in Thailand. Where I get my teeth fixed.

Don't you think cockrings are bad manners?

I'd never seen one before I encountered Rupert's . I thought it was a prosthetic device so didn't ask him about it. Whatever turns you on!

Veritas, I wish you all the best fortune with your project and please stay in touch MA x


Jonathan King said...

We share posters Madame. Veritas is a regular on the KingOfHits boards, as are several others of your fans and supporters - all of whom appreciated your good taste in giving Vile Pervert: The Musical your Best Film of 2008 award. And your ears must have been burning last night as I championed your delicious site to Camilla Popbitch over dinner!

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you Jonathan, that's very sweet. Do tell more about Camilla, I'm trying to make her a bigger star you know, I feel she should be fronting a TV show or something. She mustn't allow Perez to hog the rags-to-blog-to-primetime-star genre.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating interview with Veritas. It's either one of the worst cases of Munchausen Syndrome I have ever seen or the thin end of a lucrative wedge. Does he want an agent?

Rupert E said...

I can categorically state that I have never worn a cock ring.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

amusing interview...
question? it uncomfortable to wear a cock ring?...just curious...must present some wardrobe misfunctions at times..good luck! your photo resembles my ex's Russian son-in-law...handsome high cheek bone structure...would love to present you with a charcoal portrait...stunning subject

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

.."malfunction"...I know there is an all out war against my blogs..keep them coming...
"Remember! you can choose your friends but not your family"

Anonymous said...

I feel rather depressed now having read Baron Münchhausen's Wikpedia entry-who can compete with :

"the Baron's astounding feats included riding cannonballs, travelling to the Moon, and escaping from a swamp by pulling himself up by his own hair (or bootstraps"

We share a common German Russian ancestry though. I think he may be one of my Spirit guides.

If only Rudolph Erich Raspe were alive to ghost my book !

I think all us Virgos may suffer from Munchausen syndrome : "in which a patient will feign illness in order to receive the sympathy and attention of others"

yours in madness,

Jonathan King said...

Camilla. Quite apart from being enormously attractive she has a great sense of reasonably wicked humour, a wonderfully populist taste in music and a healthy disrespect for celebrity. I think she would make a terrific Arcati interview.
Incidentally my "wordverification" is filthynonce. What can this mean?

Madame Arcati said...

Fate is a funny thing. I think MA is too rude for Camilla, she's a laydee with nice manners. We could talk about the cutest things in the world - for me, the cutest thing in the world is a closed kitty's eye - love to kiss it gently. Then hear resultant purr. Beats otters.

Anonymous said...

That Marilyn/Kirk Douglas story is just too brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I’ve met plenty people the likes of Veritas. Attention starved to the point of living in a world of made up stories they relate to anyone who would listen. This time, having his lies challenged, he has gone through a lot of trouble to read about plenty gay personalities to net a story that could sound half-plausible. If only his stories weren’t full of holes: you just have to read your own posts on her and you will notice how her stories “evolve” in response to the comments or as she finds out more about the subjects she claims to have met. Every claim made makes loud bells ring and sirens wail (Fake!).

Madame Arcati said...

An interesting thesis anon, and who knows? But I'm surprised you've gone to the bother of posting this comment and not supported it with one instance: which story, for example, has evolved? (ie which story started as one thing and then became something more or different, besides being more detailed?). The masquerade may attract frauds but let's not be secular just because it's fashionable or smart.

Amanda Lear said...

Did Veritas go to April Ashley's lecture at the South Bank on Wednesday? Did anyone?

Madame Arcati said...

I think Veritas may be in Australia, but who can know? I certainly didn't attend as April needs to learn some manners and give interviews when they're promised. Madame Arcati is holding her temper on the topic of April Ashley. I just hope I can continue to rein it in.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that this interview is a complete fabrication. I know or have known most of the people that "Veritas" name-drops and no one can think who he is or recognises him at all. And why would he release a photo in which he could be recognised and identified in the media when his whole desire is anonymity? The net is a parlous place. But full marks for the entertainment. This Veritas has gone to a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

MA - … I'm surprised you've gone to the bother of posting this comment and not supported it with one instance: which story, for example, has evolved? …

Me - Which one? C’mon MA Darling! The reason I’m fascinated by you is because you speak smart! EVERYONE of the posts have made one claim and changed slightly to sound accommodating to the comments and challenges! More detailed? Please! Do you really can’t see through this? You are just ridding me, aren’t you?

You haven’t post that many stories on her, it is quite simple to follow: just read the one contesting drf’s anecdote and you can see how after reading Duncan’s statement (being smashed, or cut), Veritas “happened” to remember there was an instance of a drunk being removed from the premises (and she “happened” to have been working THAT night – otherwise how would she “remember” his exact state of drunkenness. WOW), I’m surprised she didn’t say she had to hold him down with ONE hand and pull him out to the curb! Pleeease!

It’s too bad drf feels she is not worth the trouble to expose her. I wish he would dig around with his acquaintances to do so (April Ashley). I appreciate how he would think it can become embarrassing to give her more importance that she is worth, but I’m sure the responses would give us some good laughs.

I’m also a bit disappointed in you. I though your fascination for liars resided in the pleasure to unmask them… I was waiting to see posts by the likes of Marilyn LHAO at this bloke’s claims that his “flat” (if he has ever had one on his own) was center to the gay world of the late 70’s. Tsk! Awww… and nobody remembers him now… :-( isn’t life a bitch? None of the many people that read your blog can figure out who was it that allowed ALL to come crash at this place after nights of partying… too bad.

But I guess your are having more more fun with his comic strip stories than you think you would have if he is exposed. Oh well, so be it!

Love you

p.s. I have just come to the realization you really enjoy my blah blah, blah blah, blah blah and that you are not just being polite, otherwise you wouldn’t wind me up this way – damn! you are crazy!

Madame Arcati said...

Calm down, poppet, it's only showbiz.

I asked Veritas to do the interview and he sweetly obliged. I have of course approached certain people named and unnamed, not to id him necessarily but merely to say whether they think they know who he is.

Had the interview contained anything damaging to anyone I wouldn't have put it up. As for Rupes, his own memoirs tell of more colourful things and his illustrious career is none the worse for it.

It is certainly the case that the man calling himself Veritas has a somewhat Zelig quality - and he sounds a bit like the central character in Thomas Mann's unfinished novel Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man: The Early Years. To what extent he is telling the truth, embroiled in fantasy or mischief I cannot say: but because what he says is esentially harmless, I put it up for all to see.

Anonymous said...

What! Not a single question about Kevin Spacey ? Madame,you let a golden oppotunity past you by. Too bad.

Madame Arcati said...

Spacey? I clean forgot.

A very major impresario of sorts has confirmed to me his involvement with the person called Veritas in a movie project.

Anonymous said...

This just gets more intriguing.

Anonymous said...

oh dear-if only my tiny Notting Hill flat had been the "center to the gay world of the late 70’s" . I tried so awfully to make it so, but surprisingly I soon discovered there was a much larger world of woofters out there than I had ever imagined. Shattered that I am that some who I previously encountered have forgotten me-(Rupert!)-at my vast age I remember all. Even elephants phone me for advice.

The soul who commented on a memory of a drunk being removed from Country Cousins shows clever detecting skills-but chill darling-it's a Joke Joyce !.But I would dearly love to meet Kevin Spacey.
yours in loving gayness,

Anonymous said...

Ok, I’ve decided this character is as much a construct as is Madame Arcati (in a good way) and whomever are those involved in this little scheme are just testing the waters in some of these blogs to actually see if it would fly as a film. I have news for them: it’s not working and it is actually making us dislike what is potentially a good idea (I’ll explain later – brace yourselves; as you may have already noticed, I’m incapable of doing it in two sentences).

Because someone is trying so hard to make us believe he is a real person, I will act as if Veritas is the sorry little man he has been pretending to be and get this off my chest, just because the attempts to make this idiot plausible have been so clumsy.

Please see next…

Anonymous said...

Veritas dear (if you exist),

I’m ready to believe you may have found employment around some of these people at some time (waiter, valet parking, even gofer), but I really doubt you have truly rubbed elbows (or whatever it is you claim) with them, not to mention the other jobs.

I happen to be in the event organization and promotion business – meaning closely with PR agents, photographers, MCs and other professionals - for putting on shows. If your claims weren’t so outrageous and hilarious, it would be an insult to read how you think anyone can just drop into these jobs, one after the other, successfully specially with high profile personalities. It’s a lot of work and not as glamorous as it seems, dear, so don’t live wishing you were them if you are not willing to make the sacrifices they’ve made to get there or to work as hard.

You’ve made your choice to inhabit Lalaland and live a relaxed life with no responsibilities and deadlines to meet – be happy. Do you know why the grass is greener on the other side? Because there is a lot of mowing, watering and weed killing involved – enjoy the wild flowers on your side of the fence; they grow even despite your daydreaming.

You actually remain incognito because you ARE nobody and if the two or three people that know you exist would read these made-up stories, they would realize how much more of a loser you are, than they already know.

Your anecdotes ring in my head like recycled stories from accounts published about true protagonists (based mostly on gossip columns and urban legends) and that photo you provide “as proof” because you think is so convincing, shows nothing but two waiters standing next to two personalities (furthermore, I even wonder if you are in the photo at all, if you can’t even see how obvious that is). The plots don’t even amount to be good enough for a cartoon strip; as I went on reading the interview my mind kind of drifted away when Superfaerie (you WISH) saved somebody with the Heimlich maneuver (Oh, for Pete’s sake!) and I just couldn’t even manage to take it seriously enough to concentrate on what I was reading.

Anonymous said...

Explanation to my madness (finally! I know, even I am falling asleep at my keyboard)

Now, if this character is nothing but an amalgam of many … humm... Token? … gay men and it is just a creation from Simon Napier-Bell’s imagination to illustrate everything that went on during that mid-70’s to mid-80’s period, he just had to say so and avoid looking like an ass. It’s actually quite a cool idea to create someone that is no one in particular and show that world from that perspective; it is rather funny to make him indeed a (hyperbolic) one-man-band kind of guy. Putting it that way without trying so hard to make him believable is fine!

Many people have been “Jack of all trades and master of none” around artists and celebrities; not to the point that this person is making it up, but that is what would make the story funny… I actually have a similar story figured out and one of the characters (not a central one) is that way, just to illustrate how some of these assistants frequently save their employers’ asses from themselves.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the photograph of "veritas" it's suddenly dawned upon me that I knew this person in London and can assure you everything he says is true. The only problem is that he's only giving you titbits. If you knew the real tales you would be shocked. I ran into him in Sydney about 8 years ago when on a visit for the Gay Mardi Gras and he seems to know everyone there of note. And as I live in Bangkok and encounter him in some of the smartest bars and some of the sleasiest bars I can't wait to confront him about his desperate attempt to remain annonymous.

Madame Arcati said...

I won't respond directly to anon's delightful comments on Veritas - he can look after himself - but may I just point out that Veritas has not told us what his movie project is about - we only know that it is about someone (presumably well known).

On the matter of plausibility, it has occurred to me that contraction and anecdote do tend to omit the in-between things, such as brushing one's teeth, buying tickets, capitalising on random glances and generally getting from A to B. A prospective movie would need to veer towards the outlandish while remaining humanly viable (eg gargling, flossing etc).

The things I could tell you about my cousin. You would scarce believe. My late friend Robert too had a gift for, er, episodic adventure unsought. It's in the horoscope, see.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said... it all Anonymous commments that seem to be so ambitiously boring that tends to make me want to scream..ENOUGH..get a life!!
this is a clear demonstration of egotistical insecure behavior by "anonymous" characters...let's forget about cockrings and phantom movies..and go onward to another topic..please!!!
..time to go and write in your journals...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Event Organiser-
yes you are correct and you reminded me that I've also organised succesful events!. I've never valet parked though-was that an offer ?. I did say that not since the age of 15 have I ever applied for a job-I've only taken jobs offered. Hence the hodge podge of vocations. But those offers come in-always just at the right time-as anyone in their right mind knows a Virgo will work twice as hard as everyone else.

It depends though whether you take these jobs seriously. I don't. I view my life as a strange series of adventures that take me where I go. I can't imagine my obituary stating "he was the world's most wonderful event organiser, gofer and valet parker."

I'd just be as happy for it to say "he was a sad little man but he was a happy sad little man who enjoyed life " (and enough of the "little" please. Having played 3 games of pool with Tom Cruise I'll show you little !)

But why the accusatons of living a "relaxed life with no responsibilities "? I'd say my life has been the opposite. Even a drifter still has to pay the rent. I've chosen to live a very hard life-with no permanent occupation-not knowing what is around the corner. But faith carries me along.

But I can meet deadlines, having writen for numerous publications.

Perhap I am a figment of my imagination-or someone elses. Maybe I am a modern day Mr Pooter.

The only important thing at this moment is that you read the interview.

PS: anyone who knows Ms Ashley would agree she is far too grand to allow mere waiters to stand by her elbow.

Anonymous said...

There you go MA darling, nuclear bomb; another headline for your blog: “three games of pool with Tom Cruise”. Is this one harmless? TC guards this SO with mad dogs and has sued in the past over claims like this one. Do you think he will go TO* the bother to come after you for this? (*see, baby? I’ve told you before I learn from you and thanks to the anon too – you Brits can be so sweet).

This little man (he, he) thinks that his job, whatever it is he is doing at the time is more arduous than anyone else’s: he thinks he deserves the recognition that others are getting “effortlessly” (probably at his expense) and he’s convinced grand people think they are too good for “the help” (typical of people that have not been around grand people).

I rest my case, no need to bring up again comments on his claims; I’ll let him hang himself with his own words from now on (Unless you MA, mischievously egg me, I suppose).

Love you madly,

p.s. You may think I’m being too harsh on him, but it is more cruel to make him believe he is fooling anybody and encouraging his lies to grow like a snowball, dear.

Anonymous said...

Steph! Back so soon from that “holiday”? Too bad… I didn’t miss you. You know, those people that want straight answers from you are still around; why don’t you go back and hide? I would get a life and to write in my … journals? But then what would you do without me to pour your useless venom on? You life seems to revolve around mine… simmer gown sweetie, I told you I don’t want to go after you - you can’t win - but you are trying my patience.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have to ask: where did the hard rock proof photo go? Copyright, right? Umhumm, Ri-i-ight… and I take back what I said about Napier-Bell, he can’t be doing anything serious with this individual. Maybe Verita’s figment really is big and someone is ridding someone. Is he straight?

Madame Arcati said...

The pic has been restored.

Anonymous said...

wow..MA does attract some readers on the angry pills. One can't blow one's own trumpet about being a hard worker without being hauled over the coals-presumably by the very same person that claimed they were one !

I mean really-saying you don't believe a person actually rented a flat once is scraping the bottom of the barrell. What the fuck do you think I live in ?

The day Tom Cruise,or anyone, sues someone because they said they played pool with them(and I'm not talking pocket billiards)-but the game played with cues on a green baize table, I'll walk down Oxford Street naked(and that's not something you want to see).

My person favourite-the one who says I am name dropping-and then says they know all the people I have mentioned!. Did you contact Kirk Douglas ? Do tell what he said. I think pot, kettle ,black springs to mind.

If you do-please relate some or your own experiences with these people-they could be far more interesting.

Another says these tales are full of holes-why not point them out?

Please remember-it was MA who requested an interview-not me asking to give one (not that that would stop me!)

There is just one thing I find a little hard to take though-think of me in any manner you want-I can't control your thinking nor does it bother me-call me a cunt, a fuckwit, a nutter etc,but I do object to be labelled a liar. Everything I say is backed up by documentary proof-newspaper clippings and such.

I remain annonymous at present for a reason-but I think it's fair for those who insult me as a liar (annonymously) to put your name to your libels (bearing in mind I once succesfully sued the News of The World for same..proof available to MA for verificion)

there...that's off my chest

yours in spititual love,

veritas !

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

I am still on Holiday dear anonymous...I am not hiding...I wouldn't brush my teeth with your golden toothbrush if I was stranded on a deserted island...and lap tops work all over the world and on cruise ships...but, how would you know that?
I am all over.. and you must realize that you are just a figment of your imagination. I am real...

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

as an added note-I have no idea what Anonymous I am addressing since there are so many of you out there...I am not hiding ...anonymouses are...
if I am trying your patience than you should seek out therapy since you obviously have a complex or are emotionally unstable..
probably, would you just let lying dogs like Veritas sleep...and go on to another subject...what a bore you are..

Anonymous said...

The Veritas figure can't be a waiter because he's carrying a glass of wine. Wouldn't it otherwise be on a tray?

Anonymous said...

I nice backhanded compliment forgotten ones fund/stephmastini, but then I note you are Scorpio-always a sting in the tail-their greatest danger of course is that they often sting themselves. I suggest you delve further into the world of Spirituality.

As for this nonsense about me (and that Coronation Street actor's pal)being waiters at the Berkely Square Ball (a job I would have jumped at-if only to pay for Ms Ashley's phone bill once she departed my flat), clearly the poster had never actually been to one of those wondrous events or they would have known the "ball" consisted of a number of marquees to which one had to be personally invited,or else they wandered the Square and had to purchase drinks at various bars.

That said-the few times I actually worked as a waiter, I scoffed whatever booze I could lay my hands on.

But keep 'em coming-the greatest insult would be to be ignored.

yours soberley xx

veritas !

cidric runes said...

use only cock rings that will turns you on. so you may enjoy them to the fullest.

Alastair said...

Hello Veritas how are you ? You sound very interesting please do post on here again X