Sunday, February 22, 2009

Andrew Neil in Australia and the 111 year-old woman

l-r Andrew Neil, Peter Costello, Oscar Humphries

An Arcatiste went to the launch this week of the Australian edition of the Spectator (at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music) whose editor, Oscar Humphries, son of Dame Edna's Barry Humphries, is most delightful. And who should be there but the ubiquitous Andrew Neil (a Gemini - he's quite into astrology), publisher of the title. He told some very funny tales in his speech about his fumbling introductions on his BBC politics show: last week, for instance, he mis-read the autocue and introduced a woman who was 111 years-old. It actually said she was ill.

I hear Mel Gibson is due in for the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Australia's RADA) party on Sunday evening - apparently he's donated $1m for its new theatre.


Anonymous said...

Alex Mitchell, a writer on the Aussie political website gives a brief highs & lows run-down on Neil's career and adds another clunker he once dropped on his BBC show-describing Jeruselum as a "mecca for tourists"!

The late Laurence Olivier said...

What white teeth Andrew's got. He must have had them bleached like Simon Cowell's. I can't think the Speccie can sell many copies in Austalia. Still, it gives the boy Humphries something to do.

Anonymous said...

Oscar looks nothing like Dame Edna. It makes one wonder about that Australian megastar.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the photograph of "veritas" it's suddenly dawned upon me that I knew this person in London and can assure you everything he says is true. The only problem is that he's only giving you titbits. If you knew the real tales you would be shocked. I ran into him in Sydney about 8 years ago when on a visit for the Gay Mardi Gras and he seems to know everyone there of note. And as I live in Bangkok and encounter him in some of the smartest bars and some of the sleasiest bars I can't wait to confront him about his desperate attempt to remain annonymous.