Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elton John: Predator slaughters Jane Austen movie

God, I love Elton John. The latest movie project of his Rocket Pictures sees the alien Predator unleashed on the world of Pride & Prejudice. Sublime. I have some extracts from the script:

Mr. Darcy: May I have the next dance, Miss Elizabeth?
Elizabeth Bennet: [taken aback] You may. Oh my God what the cunting is that - aaargh!

Netherfield Butler: A Mrs Bennet, a Miss Bennet, a Miss Bennet and a Miss Bennet, sir.
Caroline Bingley: Oh for heaven's sake, are we to receive every Bennet in the - aaargh!

Lady Catherine de Bourg: That is very strange. Oh fuck - aaargh!


gb said...

I know I'm wrong on every level, but I desperately want to see this. Could be even funnier than Monty Python's "Salad Days - directed by Sam Peckinpah" sketch...

Anonymous said...

Won’t he get into copyright trouble using textual lines from Predator? I’m not sure but I think

“Oh fuck - aaargh!”

is a classic line by now… no?